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By Lisa Baertlein and P.J. Huffstutter

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DALLAS, Nov 3 (Reuters) – For added than a century, ranchers and their kids accept paraded beasts about the arenaceous appearance arena at the Accompaniment Fair of Texas in Dallas, in a rite of access that is allotment acreage economics, allotment rural theater.

Today, with U.S. bargain prices for best beasts topping $300,000 a arch and ample scholarship checks for winners at stake, the aggressive pressures are intense. It’s no admiration animals with names like Beast or Chappie get the acreage adaptation of affluence spa accommodating – apartment from summer heat, baths with cher shampoos and accurate coiffing with electric razors.

Many additionally get muscle-building livestock drugs added into beastly feed. While performance-boosting drugs are banned today in best beastly sports competitions, Zilmax and added drugs of a blazon alleged beta-agonists are federally accustomed and about accustomed on the livestock-show circuit.

For abounding contestants the abstruse weapon of best is Zilmax, a arguable augment accretion awash by Merck & Co. Zilmax-based feeds can accord appearance kids an bend in the banderole antagonism for market-ready steers and heifers, say appearance sponsors and competitors. They add thicker meat area board like it most, amid the 12th and 13th ribs, area rib-eye steaks appear from.

Merck briefly abeyant Zilmax sales in the United States and Canada in August, anon afterwards the better U.S. meat processor, Tyson Foods Inc, chock-full accepting Zilmax-fed beasts for annihilation over beastly abundance concerns. Afterwards Merck aftermost anniversary said it was advancing to acknowledgment Zilmax to the market, aliment behemothic Cargill Inc declared it would bar Zilmax-fed animals from its accumulation alternation until it was “100 percent confident” those issues are resolved.

But in beasts shows at accompaniment and canton fairs beyond the acreage belt, Zilmax charcoal popular. Despite the arrest in sales of Merck’s zilpaterol – Zilmax is the barter name – absolute stockpiles of Zilmax-based appearance feeds broadcast at fairs this fall. So, too, did articles fabricated with Optaflexx, a battling biologic by Eli Lilly & Co.’s Elanco Beastly Bloom accumulation that is based on ractopamine, additionally a beta-agonist.

Ractopamine has not been angry to the beastly abundance issues apparent in beasts this year.

“If it’s legal, you use all of your options,” said Justana Tate, 17, a Texas accompaniment fair competitor, her championship belt catch aflame as she stroked her amusement beacon to calm him.

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Tate is a Zilmax fan. “I anticipate it’s a aces product,” she said.

For biologic behemothic Merck, the show-feed bazaar is a tiny allotment of Zilmax’s U.S. sales, almost $160 actor aftermost year. The U.S. Aliment and Biologic Administration considers Zilmax safe for animals and humans, admitting regulators say it requires labels admonishing bodies not to drag the biologic or handle it afterwards gloves.

Zilpaterol can account blackout and conciseness of animation aback inhaled and account rashes aloft acquaintance with bald skin, according to Merck and the FDA.

While the drugs abide accepted with contestants, some appearance organizers are arise bottomward by testing for zilpaterol, the alive accretion in Zilmax. The organizers say they are demography their cues from the FDA, which has accustomed zilpaterol for use in steers and heifers slated for annihilation but confined it for use in ancestry beasts and dairy beasts as able-bodied as goats, pigs, sheep and horses.


Many of the fresh-faced kids who attempt at beasts shows accept apparent beta-agonists on their ancestors farms or feedlots. Full-strength Zilmax, aback added to augment weeks afore slaughter, can add about 30 pounds of beef to the boilerplate 1,300-pound steer.

When those accouchement activate competing, some ability for antibacterial appearance feeds, which are readily accessible at rural augment food and via the Internet, say competitors and appearance organizers.

Merck does not accomplish appearance feeds. Instead, augment mills alloy the company’s Zilmax with protein, fat, cilia or added products, and again bazaar the mix beneath barter names like Showmaxx, Power Champ and Zillarator. The Zilmax in appearance feeds is far beneath almighty than what is fed to bartering beasts but still adds beef definition, appearance participants say.

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In some cases, manufacturers administer chargeless samples of antibacterial augment to adolescence development groups 4-H or Future Farmers of America, said Richard Sellers, the American Augment Industry Association’s carnality admiral for diet and augment regulation. The convenance is acknowledged – and pragmatic.

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“You appetite them to buy augment aback they abound up,” Sellers said.


Zilmax has not been active in any beastly bloom problems, according to Merck and a analysis of FDA records. Only one adverse biologic accident has been appear to regulators, in which a actuality who inhaled the biologic appear pain, airsickness and difficult breathing.

According to the FDA, makers of Zilmax-based appearance augment articles are adapted to account safe-handling instructions – and acquaint bodies to abrasion adapted masks, gloves and eye aegis aback blasting it out to augment to their cattle.

Merck includes an FDA-mandated user assurance admonishing on its Zilmax labels. Merck said it shares the diction of the labels with companies that buy Zilmax from Merck to use as an accretion in their products.

The FDA requires any artefact absolute Zilmax to backpack this user assurance warning, according to FDA officials.

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In 2012, regulators begin that a accepted Zilmax appearance artefact alleged Showmaxx was fabricated in a federally actionable augment comminute and lacked safe-handling instructions on its packaging. Showmaxx banker XF Enterprises, a diet consulting close in Amarillo, Texas, aftermost year voluntarily recalled Showmaxx. The aggregation did not acknowledge to again requests for comment.

But the FDA leaves labeling blank to accompaniment regulators, and accompaniment admiral in cattle-heavy Texas and abroad told Reuters the federal Aliment and Assurance Act does not acutely accompaniment that such cautionary warnings on these lower-dosage articles are required. The FDA disagrees. In practice, augment articles accept been accustomed for bargain afterwards safe-handling instructions.

When Reuters this abatement purchased a Zilmax-based augment alleged Zillarator over the Internet, the artefact accustomed in a artificial brazier that bore no safe-handling instructions.

Likewise for addition Zilmax-based accretion alleged Power Champ. Manufacturer Suther Feeds Inc of Frankfort, Kansas, said it consulted with Merck on the accent acclimated for its label. A accompaniment regulator afterwards accustomed the product’s labeling. Merck said in a account that it provided a archetype of a accepted characterization template, including the safe-handling language, to Suther Feed.

Michael Johll, arch operating administrator of Suther Feeds, said his aggregation adhered to accompaniment and federal rules. “If there’s article that we’ve bootless to do, we’ll do it. I don’t accept we have,” Johll said.


At the Texas accompaniment fair, best steers commonly aback six-figure prices at auctions captivated aloof afterwards winners’ belt buckles are handed out. The aforementioned goes for the contempo American Royal livestock appearance in Kansas City, Missouri, or the National Western Stock Appearance in Denver, Colorado, in January.

Slaughterhouses and agribusiness firms generally buy the acceptable steers and bazaar heifers to brighten their brands and animate youngsters’ agronomics careers. Afterwards that, the animals are slaughtered.

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The alacrity at livestock shows can run so hot that there accept been biologic corruption allegations in the past, admitting Zilmax has not been implicated.

During the 1990s and 2000s, scandals confused shows in Ohio, Missouri, Colorado and abroad aback some best livestock activated absolute for clenbuterol, a beef architect that leaves baneful residues in meat. Now, biologic tests are accepted at livestock shows, with malefactors who use advance hormones, steroids or added crooked drugs adverse lifetime bans.

At the Texas accompaniment fair aftermost month, accession a urine sample from a 1,329-pound best beacon called Corndog requires a assertive bulk of finesse. But veterinarian Dick Shepherd and his animal-health aggregation armed themselves with funnels, case cups and patience.

“If you’re activity to let them use annihilation they appetite to  you end up with anybody application drugs rampantly,” Shepherd said. He was not testing Corndog or added beacon for zilpaterol, aback the biologic has been accustomed for cattle.

Some parents and beasts ranchers appetite beta-agonist use banned at shows. Arizona agriculturist Harvey Dietrich, co-founder of advancement accumulation Beef Accretion Alert, said the shows are fueling a ability of short-cuts.

But Daryl Real, carnality admiral of the Texas accompaniment fair’s agronomics and livestock department, shrugs off concerns. The FDA allows Zilmax in beef beasts branch to grocery stores, he reasoned, so contestants should apprentice to use it, too.

Real said best contestants use Zilmax responsibly: Even in Texas, board don’t appetite steers to be too big.

“I allegorize it to the way I like aerated chrism on a dessert,” Real said. “A little bit goes a continued way. You can accept too abundant aerated chrism and ruin the dish.”

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Supplies of Zilmax appearance feeds accept dwindled aback Merck’s sales abeyance in August. Even so, some Zilmax-based articles are still actuality awash online, and several appearance contestants told Reuters they had stockpiled their admired augment accretion afterwards Merck’s announcement.

At the Sandwich Fair in DeKalb County, about an hour west of Chicago, this September, Kendall Nelson, 14, said he was application a Zilmax-based augment this appearance season.

His father, Philip Nelson – a beasts agriculturist and admiral of the Illinois Acreage Bureau – said he does not use beta-agonist drugs on his livestock. But the adolescent Nelson began experimenting based on admonition from a livestock nutritionist, the ancestor said.

The youngster’s steers rapidly grew – admitting they fell abbreviate of acceptable dejected ribbons at this year’s Illinois Accompaniment Fair.

“It’s not dangerous,” said Philip Nelson. “If it was, the government wouldn’t let it be put it out for bargain afterwards a label.”

Some adolescent competitors say they’d rather win afterwards Zilmax.

Ten-year-old Saige Martin of Hereford, Texas, aloft her beacon Corndog chargeless of beta-agonists, said her father, appearance beasts agriculturalist Brian Martin.

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Corndog’s aing adversary was a 1,318-pound cross-breed beacon called Rojo, and 16-year-old Caitlen Doskocil of Holland, Texas, acclimated a ractopamine augment “to stout him up,” said Caitlen’s father, Doyle Doskocil. The family’s accumulation of a Zilmax-based augment had run out, he said.

Inside the Texas accompaniment fair appearance ring, Corndog – called afterwards the accepted American bite because of his appearance – towered over Saige, whose air-conditioned smile masked her jitters. A adjudicator boring circled the beacon and ran his easily over the back, activity for a blubbery added of muscle.

Corndog impressed, and afterwards was called Grand Best steer. At auction, he awash for $110,000, a fair record.

Saige got a $30,000 analysis for her academy armamentarium – afterwards Corndog anesthetized his biologic test.

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