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The 2016 NFL draft chic doesn’t affection two Heisman Trophy-winning quarterbacks at the top like aftermost season’s did with Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, but that doesn’t beggarly you shouldn’t be aflame about this year’s class. With this abstract set to be bedeviled by arresting linemen and small-school studs, not abounding bodies apperceive as abounding names as they did aftermost offseason.  

The ambition of the NFL Abstract 400 alternation is to change that.

The top 400 players were tracked, scouted, graded and ranked by me and my aloof assistants, Marshal Miller and Dan Bazal. Together, we beheld band of a minimum of three amateur per amateur (the aforementioned accepted NFL teams use). Often, we saw every comedy by a anticipation over the aftermost two years. That led to the advanced receiver grades, rankings and aloof letters you see here.

Players were graded on positives and negatives, with a pro-player allegory added to bout the player’s appearance or fit in the pros. The top 400 players will be access bottomward position by position for accessible examination afore the absolution of a top-400 big lath above-mentioned to the draft.

In the case of a tie, players were ranked based on their all-embracing brand in our top 400.

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At the end of anniversary aloof report, you’ll see a final brand that avalanche about amid 4.00 and 9.00. This calibration comes from the teaching I accustomed from Charley Casserly, Michael Lombardi and added aloft and accepted front-office cadre in the NFL. I tweaked it this year to be added transparent. As a result, anniversary amateur accustomed a cardinal brand as able-bodied as a ranking.

This applies to all positions beyond the board.

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A aloft wideout at Fort Scott Community College, Jared Dangerfield transferred to Western Kentucky afore the 2014 division and was voted atonement acknowledgment All-Conference USA in his aboriginal year arena in the FBS.

Playing in a advance breach at WKU, Dangerfield was asked to assassinate screens and slants while primarily alive over the boilerplate of the field. He runs assured routes and will extend abroad from his anatomy to accomplish plays on the ball. In the red zone, Dangerfield can be appropriate as a jump-ball player. 

Dangerfield has the anatomy blazon to exhausted columnist cornerbacks at the band of scrimmage. He has the backbone to action off a jam and abundant antecedent activity to agitate defenders at the snap. 

Yards afterwards the t from Dangerfield are bound to what he can get by powering through tacklers. 

Listed by WKU as a 6’3″ receiver, Dangerfield was abstinent at 6’1 ½” officially. He has a big frame, but his acme and breadth aren’t the backbone they may arise to be on paper.

Dangerfield is not a accustomed calmly catcher and abandoned 10 passes (on 125 targets) in 2015 alone. 

Without active a assorted avenue tree, Dangerfield comes into the NFL with acquaintance alone on slants and screens. He’ll allegation all-encompassing assignment on abysmal breaking routes and annihilation vertical. His accomplishment set as a route-runner is best ill-fitted for a aperture role in the NFL.

Limited dispatch on a blubbery anatomy keeps Dangerfield from actuality a blackmail afterwards the t in the NFL. He will advance to acquisition breach up the acreage with dispatch and allegation apprentice to become a post-up blazon of receiver. 

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A two-year amateur at Brawl State, Jordan Williams-Lambert was a three-time All-Mid-American Conference aggregation alternative (second aggregation in 2014 and 2015, third aggregation in 2013). Williams-Lambert bent 200 passes in his academy career, activity for over 2,700 yards and 23 touchdowns.

Williams-Lambert has the admeasurement and breadth to be an able jump-ball receiver. He doesn’t shy abroad from contested catches and will ascend the ladder to high-point bottomward the field. Aback adverse the ball—on comebacks and slants—Williams-Lambert is able to adumbrate the brawl from defenders with his size.

As a route-runner, he’s best on alfresco routes breadth he can get his ample anatomy amid the apostle and the ball. Bound hip adaptability and dispatch agency Williams-Lambert has to win with power. He shows abundant courage and backbone to get accessible underneath.

Listed at 6’3″, Williams-Lambert abstinent in at 6’2 ¾” at his pro day. At 224 pounds, he’s congenital like a abbreviate bound end, not a receiver. That blubbery anatomy banned his aqueous movement skills. Williams-Lambert angry in a poor 4.64-second time in the 40-yard dash. His positional drills were appropriately disappointing, as Williams-Lambert struggled to appearance access or adaptability in his routes.

With nine drops on 143 targets, Williams-Lambert showed acceptable but not abundant hands. He will focus on the aegis afore accepting the brawl abroad over the middle, arch to accessible drops. Bottomward the field, Williams-Lambert shows bigger concentration.

Williams-Lambert doesn’t action abundant as a route-runner over the middle. He doesn’t accept the antsy abilities bare to abstracted in a abbreviate area. Afterwards accurate dispatch or burst, Williams-Lambert becomes a below-average amateur on the move.

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A redshirt chief who began his career at UCLA, Devin Lucien accelerating and transferred to Arizona State for one final division of academy football. With 10 starts at ASU, Lucien affective 66 catches for eight touchdowns and 1,074 yards.

On 98 targets, Lucien abandoned aloof three passes. In 2015 he showed himself to be a able receiver able to assignment the abysmal areas of the acreage while additionally communicable short-to-intermediate assurance and acrimonious up yards afterwards the catch.

On abbreviate routes that crave separation, Lucien can win with activity and footwork. He’s an urgent, straight-line amateur who bound gets into his avenue and runs with power.

With 4.4 speed, Lucien can aces up yards afterwards the catch. He looks for yards afterwards the t and will blooper tacklers who go aerial on him on the edges.

Lucien could about able the calendar at UCLA—just eight starts—and will be 23 years old in his amateur season. Afterwards adversity hamstring issues in his final season, Lucien’s assembly isn’t that of a top-tier receiver.

When asked to win on contested catches, Lucien doesn’t accept the adeptness to exhausted defenders to the ball. He’s not advancing abundant at the t point bottomward the field. Allotment of the affair is that Lucien is not atomic abundant to abstracted over the top. Admitting his 4.4 dispatch on the track, he doesn’t appearance that dispatch on blur aback active in-phase with a cornerback.

The quick exhausted bare to win on beneath routes isn’t there for Lucien, who plays annealed with an cocked style. His attenuate anatomy will additionally get tossed about at the band of scrimmage. He needs to be adequate by alignment so he’s not apprenticed at the line.

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One of the abounding accomplished receivers at Cincinnati, Johnny Holton has the abeyant to be the best of them all. A aloft JUCO amateur (College of DuPage), Holton has upside and big-play ability.

A strong-handed receiver, Holton abandoned aloof two passes in the aftermost two seasons of our charting. He looks the brawl in afterwards accident absorption and is able to acclimatize his anatomy to acquisition the brawl over either shoulder.

Working primarily as a abysmal threat, Holton showed the dispatch and anatomy ascendancy to win over the top. With dispatch on band that looks to be in the 4.4 range, Holton can accretion breach with acceleration. He has the straight-line dispatch to win angular over alike accelerated cornerbacks.

When accustomed affairs to aces up yards afterwards the catch, Holton has the abstract to do so with aurora in advanced of him. He’s additionally reliable as a acknowledgment man aback put aback to t bliss and punts.

A bad hamstring bound Holton to aloof 17 catches in 2015. The adjournment at receiver kept him to aloof 46 catches in the accomplished two seasons. A abridgement of assembly will be the aboriginal affair scouts breach afar aback discussing Holton’s game.

Holton has about no acquaintance active routes over the middle, or communicable the brawl there. He can be abashed in cartage and appearance alligator accoutrements aback confronted. There’s not abundant action in his game. Holton’s blur shows a amateur who would abundant rather run abysmal routes than anytime comedy over the middle.

The hamstring abrasion aching Holton’s time at the combine, breadth he ran a 4.54 time. Holton afresh angry active with a 4.42-second 40 at his pro day. With the hamstring attached him for abundant of the season, Holton has to prove to teams that he’s boxy abundant to comedy amid the hashes.

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A aerial academy clue brilliant who was accepted to accompany big-play adeptness to Miami, Rashawn Scott bootless to advance into a reliable playmaker. His potential, though, makes him aces of a look.

A trait-based amateur afterwards constant production, Scott showed accustomed adeptness to cull abroad from defenders in coverage. Scott was able accepting bottomward the acreage with straight-line dispatch and was able to clue the brawl in able-bodied over the top. In our charting, he abandoned aloof one canyon befuddled over 10 yards all season.

Route active could become a backbone for Scott. He has the instincts and anatomy ascendancy to adumbrate his avenue from defenders and accumulate them on their heels. He’s able to burke bottomward to accomplish cuts and re-establish his dispatch out of breaks. Scott has some dog to his d and won’t aback bottomward from columnist coverage.

Scott managed aloof 91 catches in four seasons at Miami and played in alone 29 amateur during that time. Due to injuries (shoulder) and suspensions, Scott did little added than beam potential. Injuries bit him afresh aback he wasn’t able to run at the amalgamate due to a knee injury.

With four drops on the year—including two in the team’s basin d adjoin Washington State—Scott puts the brawl on the accommodation added than you’d like. He can get abashed by bound advantage and let it get to his arch for the absolute game.

The disability to breach advantageous is arresting aback watching Scott, because he does beam potential. If an NFL aggregation can get him on the acreage consistently and drillmaster him up as a route-runner, he could be a abduct of the draft. Betting on his adeptness and his bloom are big risks, though.

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Cody Core has the admeasurement and dispatch NFL teams are attractive for, and with 83 catches for about 1,300 yards in his career, he has flashed the assembly ballclubs want.

Core has apparent reliable hands. On 60 targets he abandoned three passes, per our charting, and didn’t shy abroad from passes over the middle. He has the anatomy to adhere with linebackers and safeties in cartage and doesn’t abate his t ambit aback the brawl is out in advanced of him.

The Ole Absence breach asked Core to alter his avenue tree, and he showed adeptness as a abysmal blackmail on the edges and an boilerplate ambition in the boilerplate of the field. Core is able to comedy aloft the accommodation and will go up and get aerial passes bottomward the acreage or in the red zone.

Core was absolutely aloof a agency in the aftermost two seasons and never bent added than 41 assurance in a season. Core’s abridgement of assembly adverse Laquon Treadwell will accession concerns.

A bit of a body-catcher, Core allegation acclimatize to the aing abode of NFL defenses and apprentice to advance the brawl with his hands. He has the duke admeasurement (10 ⅜”) to be abundant added advancing abduction the brawl out of the air.

Route active at an NFL akin is a affair for Core, who on band didn’t appearance the atomic achievement and anxiety to consistently abstracted from defenders. He’s not antsy and doesn’t accept the short-area access to actualize amplitude amid himself and the coverage. His all-embracing avenue d needs refinement.

The aforementioned abridgement of atomic adeptness banned Core as a yards-after-catch player. He’s activity to get what the aegis gives him and little more.

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A redshirt chief from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Robby Anderson has the admeasurement and dispatch to accomplish plays bottomward the field. A 2015 ECAC All-Conference player, Anderson additionally fabricated the American Able-bodied Conference Honor Roll. Born May 9, 1993, Anderson will be 23 years old as a rookie.

A accessible two-way player, Anderson has acquaintance at cornerback and advanced receiver and has apparent himself to be a admired affiliate on appropriate teams.

Anderson is able to accomplish the antic grab abroad from his anatomy and flashes the duke backbone to cull in the brawl one-handed. His beam is good, and Anderson has put on band his big-play abeyant bottomward the field.

Academic issues amount Anderson the 2014 season. Teams allegation additionally dig into the accomplishments on Anderson and why he abdicate the aggregation in the animation of 2013 afore abiding in backward summer. He came aback as a walk-on and competed at advanced receiver and blast returner.

Drops were a aloft affair for Anderson in 2015 and may accord to the abstraction that he needs to comedy cornerback. On 124 targets he abandoned 13 assurance and accustomed three others to be intercepted while befuddled his way.

Whether he plays on breach or aegis in the NFL, Anderson needs to accretion strength. His 190-pound anatomy cannot authority up to the anguish he’ll booty in the pros.

Anderson has accomplished straight-line dispatch but lacks atomic adeptness in abbreviate areas. That’s accent by a 7.07 time in the three-cone assignment and shows up acutely on blur aback he’s asked to accomplish transitions and breach in his avenue tree.

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A JUCO alteration from Iowa Western, Geronimo Allison produced able-bodied for the University of Illinois in his two seasons with the team. With 106 catches in two seasons—including 65 in 2015—Allison acclimated able-bodied to FBS football.

Allison is a long-strider with abundant dispatch to abscond bottomward the field. He’s a blackmail vertically, and with acceptable acme and length, he can go up and get the brawl out of the air. Allison has the t ambit to accomplish plays on ailing befuddled assurance or aback led into space.

As a attenuate amateur with continued legs, Allison has to win with straight-line speed. He shows the anatomy ascendancy and able to exhausted defenders with his timing in routes. Allison is an accomplishment amateur and will assignment to get accessible adjoin acrimonious coverage.

Drops were a constant affair on Allison’s film. In 2015, he abandoned 13 assurance and struggled at every akin of the field. Some receivers bead passes over the boilerplate and some bead passes in amplitude due to poor concentration, but Allison abandoned passes both in the boilerplate of the acreage and out on the edges.

Allison’s abridgement of access in abbreviate areas makes him a one-trick route-runner. He’s all or annihilation activity bottomward the acreage and doesn’t accept the adeptness or dispatch to abstracted on beneath routes. Allison’s attenuate anatomy opens him up to columnist advantage at the band of scrimmage. He may be best acclimated in a aperture role.

The adeptness to advance anniversary year is a absolute for Allison, but he enters the NFL as a raw prospect. He doesn’t accept how to use his accoutrement to get accessible and relies too about on breadth and straight-line speed.

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A top-tier athlete, inferior Marquez North will pop off the blur if you’re attractive for ancestry and not necessarily production.

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On bound production, North showed absorbing hands. He abandoned aloof three passes in the aftermost two years (with 36 catches) and has a continued t ambit with 33 ⅜-inch arms. He plucks the brawl out of the air with 10 ¼-inch calmly and an advancing mentality aback the canyon is befuddled his way.

With 4.48 speed, North looks to accretion yards afterwards the catch. He’s accurate abundant to run through acquaintance and will action for every inch. He’s a natural, active amateur with ideal height, weight and speed. As a absurd amateur and ideal receiver on the hoof, North aloof needs to be accomplished up to apprehend his NFL potential.

North’s arena time absolutely decreased the best he was in college. He started 11 amateur as a freshman, 10 amateur as a blooming and aloof four amateur as a junior. A border breach suffered in backward 2014 hindered North aboriginal in his inferior season, captivation him to aloof seven appearances.

With aloof 74 catches in three seasons, North doesn’t accept the numbers to absolve a aerial abstract ranking. His 2015 division included aloof six receptions.

North is all amateur but not a aesthetic receiver. He doesn’t appearance a abounding avenue tree, nor does he accept the able to breach bottomward at the top of his avenue axis and change direction. He’s a straight-line mover in his routes. North appears apathetic at times, giving up on the avenue aback he’s not a primary apprehend and not angry for accession aback the brawl is in advanced of him.

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A chief from New Orleans, Ed Eagan fabricated his mark in academy as a receiver and a acknowledgment man. A able anniversary at the Chief Basin helped put him on the map as a late-round prospect.

A accustomed amateur with soft, reliable hands, Eagan plucks the brawl out of the air. He’s able to accomplish plays both in cartage and in space, and he won’t shy abroad from acquaintance aback asked to biking into the lion’s den with linebackers. Eagan is cagey abundant to cut and about-face from defenders and is a adept on advantage routes.

Eagan is accustomed and aqueous as a route-runner. He has the acquaintance to atom openings in advantage and knows how to sit bottomward in space. Aback active breaking routes, Eagan has quick anxiety and will burke bottomward to change administration afterwards bottomward off his top-end speed.

Skills in the acknowledgment d advice advance Eagan up abstract boards. He’s a blackmail as both a punt and blast returner.

A abridgement of admeasurement and dispatch may absolute Eagan to the aperture for best NFL teams. Arena adjoin lower-level antagonism at Northwestern State doesn’t advice his cause. Eagan bedeviled poor talent, and he doesn’t analysis as a antsy athlete, which will affair teams.

Without the authentic dispatch to run accomplished defenders, Eagan will advance to be a vertical blackmail in the NFL. His beneath accoutrements and abate anatomy accomplish him a ambition to be awash up at the band of flat by columnist coverage.

Eagan is not a acceptable fit for an breach that gets man-coverage matchups. He lacks the admeasurement to consistently get accessible in man advantage and doesn’t accept the breadth to accomplish contested catches over the top.

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A chief wideout, Michael Thomas began his career at Dodge City (Kansas) Community Academy afore landing at Southern Absence afore the 2014 season. In his aboriginal division of FBS football, Thomas started nine games, bent 41 assurance and had over 1,200 absolute yards as a receiver and returner.

Thomas is a high-motor amateur and a competitor. Watching his two seasons at USM, you can see that he was starting to accept the d added and added anniversary week. Another year in academy could accept abundantly added his abstract banal if it were available.

Playing aloft the accommodation is article Thomas can do. With a 36-inch vertical jump, he’s able to ascend the ladder to get the brawl at its accomplished point and action for contested catches. He plays the brawl like it’s his. Afterwards abundant speed, Thomas has to barb his way to yards afterwards the catch, but he has no botheration arena aggressively and authoritative article happen. 

In two seasons, on 186 targets, Thomas abandoned nine passes and saw eight throws advised for him intercepted. Thomas was a one-year admiration at USM and allegation prove he’s the absolute accord and not a artefact of the system. Arena adjoin lower-level FBS antagonism doesn’t advice that.

Running a abounding avenue timberline isn’t article Thomas has done at Southern Miss. He lived primarily beneath the aegis and over the middle. Arena alone at larboard advanced receiver in the USM offense, Thomas will accept to alteration to arena on the appropriate ancillary of the breach in the NFL.

As an athlete, Thomas looks boilerplate on film. He’s not antsy but lacks the straight-line dispatch to backfire accomplished defenders. Accustomed he has boilerplate size, you admiration how he’ll get accessible in the NFL afterwards admeasurement or speed.

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Mekale McKay began his academy football career at Arkansas but transferred to Cincinnati afterwards his apprentice division and begin success as allotment of a accomplished aggregation of advanced receivers.

A big-play threat, McKay averaged over 18 yards per t in 2015. McKay’s 35-inch vertical jump is backed up on tape, breadth he consistently plays on top of defenders. McKay will go off the acreage and advance the brawl at a aerial point.

A adroit route-runner, McKay can get base breach with timing and awareness. He’s best accomplished on advantage routes or comebacks, breadth he can allurement advantage one way and cut aback and box-out defenders.

McKay’s arm breadth (30 ⅝”) and duke admeasurement (9 ½”) don’t bout his height. Some may feel he’s a big receiver, aback in accuracy he’s aloof tall. McKay’s assembly decreased over the aftermost two seasons due to the abyss at the position, and that will affair teams.

McKay abandoned about 10 percent of the passes befuddled his way (five drops on 53 targets) and struggled to attending the brawl in and defended it afore affective upfield. In 2014, he saw 80 targets and abandoned four passes. He’s not a accustomed receiver and too about double-catches the ball.

For a amateur with a acceptability as a abysmal threat, McKay denticulate aloof two touchdowns aftermost season. He doesn’t appearance the dispatch to cull abroad and run from defenders. His abridgement of hip adaptability and atomic qualities accomplish him a bound amateur afterwards the t adjoin top-tier competition.

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One of the fastest players in academy football, Kolby Listenbee is a alarming vertical threat. He ran a 4.39 time in the 40-yard dash—and did it while convalescent from a pelvic injury. Listenbee can get apart and run agrarian aback he’s healthy.

Listenbee has apparent reliable calmly at TCU, bottomward aloof two passes in the 30 catches we charted for him this year. The majority of his passes were befuddled to the boilerplate or larboard of the hash, and the two drops came on abysmal assurance that were boxy to cull in for any receiver.

On vertical routes, Listenbee can accretion breach and cull abroad from defenders. He knows how to use his achievement to afflicted a breach in his avenue and afresh abstract by defenders at the stem. He has the dispatch to run beeline accomplished man coverage, as few academy corners could about-face and run with him.

A slight anatomy and baby calmly (8 ¼”) will be the bigger questions from NFL scouts. Listenbee struggled to breach advantageous in academy and has to aggregate up to handle the advance he’ll booty in the pros.

Listenbee has absolute dispatch but doesn’t accept quick or bland transitions. He takes several accomplish to burke bottomward and isn’t quick to get aback top dispatch out of breaks. He has clue speed, but not necessarily football speed.

You won’t see abounding drops from Listenbee, but he doesn’t accept abundant acquaintance tracking the brawl over either shoulder. Arena alone on the larboard ancillary of the field, Listenbee allegation assignment to become a added assorted route-runner and body-control player.

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A aloft walk-on at Toledo due to bookish issues, Alonzo Russell has the able anatomy and continued accoutrements (33 ⅞”) NFL teams attending for at the position.  

Russell formed the boilerplate of the acreage at Toledo and accepted himself to be able activity afterwards the brawl in traffic. He has the activity in his anxiety and achievement to change administration afterwards a adjournment and understands how to use his antithesis and anatomy ascendancy to actualize space. Russell’s bigger absolute is his adeptness as a route-runner to see amplitude on the move and acclimatize his avenue to what the aegis is showing.

Russell would be best in a arrangement that ethics advance routes and wants a bigger ambition in the boilerplate of the field. Aback he can face the brawl or use his anatomy to absorber the canyon from defenders, he’s at his best. With acceptable all-embracing comedy strength, he’s able to agitate off tacklers and aces up yards afterwards the catch. 

On 73 targets, Russell abandoned seven passes, according to Academy Football Focus. A 10 percent bead amount is not acceptable for any player, but because that Russell lacks dispatch and is added of a ascendancy receiver, this hurts his NFL chances. 

Press advantage was an affair on blur for Russell. He has the frame, breadth and dispatch to bandy cornerbacks off him, but he doesn’t use his calmly able-bodied or try to win with crabbed activity at the line. He can be accomplished up here, but he comes into the alliance with little acquaintance or adeptness alive through jams.

The bigger affair you apprehend in aloof circles is that Russell’s assembly abandoned at Toledo instead of improving. He saw 73 targets in 2015 compared to 97 in 2014, while his drops went from four up to seven. There accept been rumors of adolescence and poor convenance habits that afflicted his role in the offense.

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A aerial academy clue brilliant in the amateur jump (51’2 ½”), continued jump (23’9″), 200-meter (21.6s) and 100-meter birr (10.81s), Chris Brown is a accomplished receiver with a lot of abeyant larboard in the tank.

Over the aftermost two seasons, Brown saw 152 targets and abandoned seven passes, according to Academy Football Focus. Arena in an breach with quarterback changes and added top targets, Brown didn’t see the assembly of added receivers in this class. He was acclimated primarily to assignment the boilerplate areas of the acreage and abate up defenses for abysmal blackmail Will Fuller.

Brown doesn’t accept abundant acme but plays able-bodied aloft the acreage aback asked to go get the ball. As a route-runner he’s bland and disciplined, and he shows the adeptness to breach off routes and advance into space. There isn’t a avenue that Brown can’t run able-bodied at this stage.

Brown has solid hands, but it is apropos that his bead amount added in 2015—five on 88 targets—as did the cardinal of passes befuddled his way that became intercepted (four).

His clue accomplishments was abundant above, but Brown doesn’t appearance that akin of explosiveness in pads. He has a baby anatomy and can get pushed about at the band of flat or aback blocking in the run game. With abate calmly (9″), Brown’s drops become added of a anguish for teams. 

Without the admeasurement or dispatch to get accessible in the NFL, Brown may never be added than a third or fourth advantage in the offense. He has raw tools, though, and his success as a breaking route-runner could accomplish him a admired aperture receiver.

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Each abstract division NFL scouts are beatific on quests beyond the country to acquisition football talent. Sometimes that aptitude comes to them and asks for a tryout. In the case of German advanced receiver Moritz Boehringer, that’s absolutely what happened. But the conditioning was so good—4.43 speed, a 39″ vertical jump and 17 bank reps—that Boehringer has acquired anybody to go aback and see what’s there.

Boehringer played in the German National Football alliance and bedeviled the competition—he had 59 catches for 1,232 yards and 16 touchdowns aftermost season. With his height, weight and able-bodied numbers, you can’t accident but booty a adventitious on his accomplishment set actuality developed by NFL apprenticeship as affectionate of a project.

An easy, aqueous athlete, Boehringer has the accoutrement to be a vertical blackmail in the NFL accustomed his straight-line adeptness and leaping skills. His blur shows accustomed calmly with the acquaintance to locate and acclimatize to the brawl on the go, which added credibility to a abysmal brawl specialist role. Those routes are additionally the aboriginal ones best receivers get adequate with, so it allows Boehringer to see the acreage eventually than later.

This accomplished division all we heard about was Jarryd Hayne and his advance to comedy in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers. Payne bootless to accomplish an impact, and there will be scouts who see Boehringer as added of a sideshow than a talent. 

The akin of antagonism in Germany was at times laughable. The defenses he’s adverse attending like Division III aptitude on the American akin and Boehringer is able to run through and accomplished defenders with ease. On the field, he’s raw as the day is continued and will accept to be bare bottomward mechanically and accomplished the position. Actuality the fastest guy on the acreage accustomed him to accomplish plays in his country, but Boehringer allegation apprentice how to be a advanced receiver with address and timing in his accomplish and cuts.

Boehringer is a accurate project, but if a aggregation is assertive of his athleticism, you absorb a backward aces on him and get him through affected to see breadth he is. The convenance band may be a absoluteness in the beginning, but Boehringer’s dispatch and admeasurement are adamantine to bet against.

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A big, long, accurate advanced receiver prospect, Keyarris Garrett has the ancestry to exhausted man advantage on beneath routes.

A 6’3″, 220-pound anatomy with a 36 ½-inch vertical makes Garrett alarming on jump balls. He has the admeasurement to column up defenders and can be alarming in the red zone. If teamed with a quarterback who can bandy back-shoulder fades, Garrett could be deadly. Garrett’s big-catch ambit and instincts accomplish him a advantageous project.

Working as both a abysmal and boilerplate threat, Garrett showed off assortment as a route-runner on the appropriate side. He ran added abysmal routes than he did beneath routes in 2015 and has the anatomy blazon to action off in-phase advantage for 50-50 balls.

Garrett bankrupt his leg in 2013 and accustomed a medical-hardship abandonment from the NCAA. 

A altitude of nine-inch calmly won’t advice Garrett, no amount how alpine or continued he is. That’s appropriate at the beginning for NFL standards, and some teams may discount him. Accentuating the small-hand affair were 13 drops in the aftermost two seasons. Garrett doesn’t advance the brawl with his calmly and loves to be a bassinet catcher, which causes him to unnecessarily leave his anxiety to defended accepted passes.

In the Tulsa offense, Garrett alone played on the appropriate ancillary of the offense. This makes him ascendant active breach routes with cuts to his left. Whether or not he can acclimatize and run routes breaking to his appropriate is article that allegation be apparent in workouts. It’s not a accustomed he’ll be able to adjust.

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A aloft active back, D.J. Foster has acquaintance both in the backfield and in the slot. 

Foster ran a 4.57 time at the combine, which was disappointing, but he followed it up with a bigger 4.47 time at his pro day. He additionally vertical jumped 36″ and 9’9″ on the broad. With good, accustomed able and acid ability, Foster’s athleticism is abundant to activity him into an NFL role.

Foster has bendable calmly and adapted able-bodied to ailing befuddled balls. He relies on instincts to snatch the brawl out of the air, but he will additionally action through cartage to chargeless himself up as a ambition on beneath routes. He can be a baleful asset on balloon screens acknowledgment to his adeptness to cut and accelerate. With the brawl in his hands, Foster’s active aback eyes comes into play.

A boxy adversary on the field, Foster will accept to accomplish his mark arena in the aperture and on appropriate teams in the NFL. A adroit abhorrent coordinator could acquisition a role for him. 

Just one year at receiver banned Foster’s adeptness as a route-runner. He has instincts and accustomed athleticism, but he isn’t accomplished on breaking bottomward to cut or how to actualize breach with his frame. On timing routes, he needs assignment aloof to get in tune with the quarterback. Aback apprenticed at the line, Foster can be alone from the d plan.

Some will catechism receiver assembly for Foster afterwards he abandoned nine passes in 2015. He additionally alone denticulate three touchdowns, which will accord acceptance to the abstraction that Foster is absolutely an beneath receiver who can move the chains but not account from alfresco the red zone.

The ASU breach rarely asked Foster to get bottomward the acreage as a vertical blackmail and instead acclimated him over the boilerplate and on awning packages. Because of this, he comes to the NFL with few game-ready skills.

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A beneath advanced receiver with acceptable thickness, K.J. Maye has the athleticism to accomplish plays in amplitude and on quick routes. A built-in of Mobile, Alabama, Maye has played active back, advanced receiver and handled acknowledgment duties at Minnesota.

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Working mostly on beneath routes, Maye showed acceptable activity to get in and out of his breaks. He has quick anxiety and is a fast, absolute cutter on breaking routes. Maye abandoned four passes on 47 targets over the boilerplate aftermost season, but he isn’t abashed to mix it up with defenders admitting his abate frame. He’s a jitterbug with a aerial motor.

Maye is a high-energy actuality and player, and his teammates raved about his administration on and off the field. His adeptness to booty a abbreviate canyon and juke his way to daylight, additional his added abilities in the acknowledgment game, accomplish him a aces advance backward in the draft.

Drops were axiomatic on Maye’s blur and during his anniversary at the Chief Bowl. According to Academy Football Focus, Maye abandoned eight passes on 130 targets. The division before, he abandoned three on 40 targets. At aloof 5’8″ with 30 ¼-inch accoutrements and 8 ½-inch hands, Maye comes in beneath every accepted for admeasurement at the position. 

The abridgement of admeasurement shows up aback Maye’s t ambit is challenged by defenders. He can’t win contested catches because of his abridgement of length, and with a 33-inch vertical jump, he’s not arduous cornerbacks or safeties over the top. 

Despite his quickness, Maye isn’t straight-line fast. Rarely do you see him booty the top off the aegis or cull abroad from defenders in space. He’s about bent from abaft or with a acceptable bend to the ball. 

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A 40-game amateur at UCLA, Jordan Payton has interests off the football field, too. He started his own accouterment aggregation at age 17. On the field, he’s been berserk productive, avaricious a UCLA-record 201 catches in his career.

Payton is congenital like Terrell Owens with a thick, chunky frame, continued accoutrements (32 ½”) and big calmly (10 ⅛”). He’s an absorbing amateur on the abate and will t your eye on the acreage with his adeptness advanced mentality at receiver. Payton uses his anatomy to absorber defenders from the brawl and has the backbone to bung abroad abate arresting backs angry for the ball. 

A sure-handed receiver, Payton alone abandoned six passes in our charting of the aftermost two seasons. He looks the brawl in able-bodied and is assured abundant to be a hands-catcher. As a route-runner, he has accretion speed—but he’s absolutely at his best on advance routes or slants breadth his ample amateur accumulate defenders from jumping the route.

Payton’s timed dispatch doesn’t bout his d speed. He’s a straight-line amateur who needs allowance to advance to abounding speed. His hip access and able are apathetic aback he’s asked to cut and accomplish transitions. On top of that, Payton tends to comedy with a stiff, alpine aback that banned his adeptness to advertise a route.

Because he has a big frame, Payton makes himself a ambition at the band of flat adjoin columnist coverage. He’s able abundant to action off academy corners at the line, but he doesn’t appearance aesthetic address to use his calmly or crabbed activity to baffle the bite of a acute awning man.

Payton’s adeptness to outmuscle defenders for the ball—his calling card—will be added difficult to do in the NFL.

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An absorbing amateur testing at the NFL Aloof Combine, Trevor Davis started his career at Hawaii afore appointment to Cal in 2013. Afterwards sitting out the 2013 division with a redshirt (due to alteration rules), Davis started 11 amateur in 2014-15 and emerged as a top ambition in a abundant advanced receiver rotation.

Playing abundantly as an boilerplate ambition over the boilerplate of the field, Davis formed through cartage afterwards abhorrence and showed reliable calmly in the trenches adjoin linebackers and aition safeties. In charting his 2015 season, Davis did not bead one canyon in traffic. 

Inside routes over the boilerplate are Davis’ specialty, and he’s apparent an adeptness to aces up big yards afterwards the catch. His dispatch afterwards the t is bigger than his dispatch as a route-runner, and with appropriate dispatch to his 4.42 speed, Davis can outrun defenders to daylight.

If you appetite contributions on appropriate teams, Davis brings acquaintance as a acknowledgment man and could accomplish an appulse anon there.

A smaller, angular anatomy will automatically assort Davis as a aperture receiver for abounding NFL teams. He doesn’t appearance the backbone to exhausted columnist advantage consistently and allegation apprentice to use his calmly to abstract from jams. His amateur will get rocked back, and advancing cornerbacks will throw him off his route.

As a route-runner, Davis has little d acquaintance alfresco of drags and crosses. He was rarely acclimated on abysmal routes in the Bear Raid breach and was added of an option-route player. He has the dispatch to claiming over the top, but he rarely did this, and it requires some acuteness to see him operating bottomward the field.

Without the explosiveness to cut and access on breaking routes bottomward the field, Davis is bound as a one-trick pony. He has abyss amount and could accomplish a aggregation as a acknowledgment man, but he needs assignment that few NFL players get with bound reps afore he’s game-ready.

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An exciting, advantageous playmaker as a receiver and acknowledgment man, Demarcus Ayers plays faster than his clue times. A aloft aerial academy active back, Ayers has the eyes to accomplish defenders absence beneath and in space.

Ayers is short, not small, and has a able-bodied anatomy to blast with defenders over the boilerplate and in columnist coverage. With a 35-inch vertical jump, Ayers can accomplish added plays aloft the acreage than you’d apprehend from a beneath receiver. Ayers is a quick, cagey route-runner and uses his head, and achievement to advertise routes and actualize separation. 

With 99 catches on the year, Ayers has the assembly teams want. He additionally abandoned aloof two passes all season, according to our charting. 

With the brawl in his hands, Ayers has a additional accessory that lets him cull abroad from the defense. He’s able to avoid or bat abroad tacklers in amplitude and gives best accomplishment to aces up yards afterwards the catch. His eyes in the accessible acreage comes into comedy on screens and in the acknowledgment game, breadth he is appropriately dangerous.

Ayers will get bent from abaft if he makes his way to amplitude and leaves you absent added in agreement of abysmal speed. The Houston breach begin means to get him the brawl as about as possible, application jet sweeps and balloon screens often. He’ll accept a harder time award those touches in the NFL. Ayers is a game-plan player, not addition who can abstracted on his own.

A abridgement of breadth and admeasurement makes Ayers’ t ambit abate than you’d like. He catches the brawl if it’s befuddled to his body, but he has a adamantine time extending abroad from his anatomy to accomplish low catches. 

Ayers was added of an abhorrent weapon than advanced receiver, and he needs to be accomplished up on route-running timing. Article as simple as counting his accomplish to be on time with the quarterback will be new to him.

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Primarily acclimated as a active aback at Oregon, Byron Marshall formed out at advanced receiver for the combine. 

Marshall is an accessible mover who is a accustomed with the brawl in his hands. He rushed for over 1,000 yards in 2013 and shows that aforementioned eyes and access aback he gets the brawl in amplitude on abbreviate routes like a awning or slant.

Route active is still adopted to Marshall, but he can abstracted with straight-line speed. Dating aback to his best advantageous division as a receiver in 2014, Marshall bent 73 assurance for over 1,000 yards and had aloof seven drops on 102 targets. The abeyant is there for him to advance into a weapon on breach and in the acknowledgment d if he can breach advantageous and acreage with a accommodating abhorrent coordinator.

An abate abrasion amount Marshall his division afterwards Anniversary 4 and may be attached his times on the conditioning circuit.

Marshall is quicker than fast and doesn’t accept the continued dispatch to cull abroad from defenders on the alfresco of the formation. He hasn’t been asked to run an NFL avenue timberline at Oregon and enters the pros defective to be accomplished up beyond the lath at receiver.

Marshall was added of a apparatus amateur in the Oregon breach and saw his assembly bead acutely afterwards Marcus Mariota at quarterback aback he was healthy. With best of his routes advised to get him the brawl in space, Marshall hasn’t abstruse to use his activity or anatomy to actualize breach on breaking routes. 

A activity account demography on backward in the draft, a advantageous Marshall will at atomic accord on appropriate teams aboriginal on while he learns an NFL position.

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Jakeem Grant is one of the best electric dispatch players in the 2016 abstract class. He baffled our expectations with a 4.38 clocking at the Texas Tech pro day. He additionally afflicted with a 4.06-second 20-yard abbreviate shuttle while agitation out 15 reps of 225 pounds on the bank press.

Grant is a acclaimed speedster but additionally a jitterbug with the crabbed adeptness to juke defenders. He can afresh get to top dispatch in a hurry, breeding block plays aback he can get loose.

As a aperture receiver at Tech, Grant saw hot passes off the band and was asked to apprehend the aegis and get into the appropriate route. A lot of albatross is put on the receiver to accomplish reads in this offense, and Grant handled these assignments well.

Grant is absolutely baby for NFL standards, admitting his dispatch and vertical jump (36 ½”) actuality absolute impressive.

Drops are a big affair for Grant, who put 21 passes on the arena on 238 targets in the accomplished two seasons, according to Academy Football Focus. It’s alarming that nine of his drops in 2015 came in the boilerplate of the field, breadth a abate receiver like Grant would artlessly be activated in the NFL.

His baby anatomy may draw comparisons to UAB receiver J.J. Nelson, a 2015 fifth-round aces by the Arizona Cardinals. They are similar, with Grant actuality able to handle columnist advantage and big hits with a little added pushback. 

In the appropriate scheme, Grant would be a steal, but his admeasurement and drops will draw red flags from scouts.

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Bralon Addison accustomed in Eugene, Oregon, and anon started authoritative plays. As a accurate senior, he active to the NFL about two years removed from an ACL abrasion and with second-team All-Pac-12 ceremoniousness beneath his belt.

Addison was the go-to receiver for the Ducks in 2015, arena added snaps than any added receiver. He is an atomic playmaker, alike if his 40 time adeptness not reflect it. Addison is advantageous afterwards the t and was able to booty abbreviate accumbent routes and about-face them into added in the Oregon offense. 

As a agent in space, he’s quick in and out of cuts and shows the access to eat up yards aback accustomed a crease. Acknowledgment to his role in the Oregon offense, Addison has been asked to do a little bit of aggregate and can be beheld as a bit of a chess allotment for play-callers.

Addison is a abbreviate amateur with abbreviate accoutrements (29 ½”) and baby calmly (9 ⅛”). He additionally bootless to affect while testing at the amalgamate (4.66s) and at his pro day (4.72s). Addison is one of the few players to see his 40-yard time absolutely get worse at his pro day.

Addison, like Tavon Austin and De’Anthony Thomas afore him, allegation be placed into a arrangement that will actualize touches for him. He’s not an X or Y receiver who can breach out and accomplish plays on his own. To abstracted from the aegis and get touches, they’ll accept to be designed.

As a route-runner, Addison isn’t able for the NFL. He has not run a abounding avenue tree, and the routes he has run appearance up as ailing accomplished afterwards aciculate cuts and attention timing. He relied on actuality an amateur at receiver instead of adorning the capacity of the position.

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A super-sized advanced receiver congenital like a Mike Evans or Kelvin Benjamin, De’Runnya Wilson got on the acreage as a accurate apprentice at Mississippi State and never looked back.

While not antsy or atomic off the line, Wilson generates breach with size. He’s a stud on jump assurance and plays like a bound end on the aals with able box-out skills. Wilson can boss cornerbacks on contested passes and has able abundant calmly to defended the brawl in a fight. Wilson’s accomplishments as a brilliant aerial academy basketball amateur shows in how he times and executes his comedy on jump balls.

On 60 catches in 2015, Wilson denticulate 10 touchdowns while averaging 15 yards per reception. He’s a accustomed blackmail in the red breadth accustomed his size, t ambit (33 ⅞-inch arms) and leaping ability. 

In the appropriate scheme—one that causes safeties to account the run or beneath routes—Wilson could be an accomplished jump-ball receiver. But he has abundant negatives to accession apropos that would accumulate him out of the top 100 picks.

You automatically accept to catechism a receiver who runs in the 4.85 ambit at the combine. There were abhorrent tackles active that speed. Wilson’s conditioning and accomplishment allegation be vetted afterward his achievement in Indianapolis.

No one accepted Wilson to bake up the track, because his band isn’t fast either. He’s a stiff-hipped, straight-line amateur who takes a minute to anatomy up to top speed. He’s a catch-and-tackle amateur who doesn’t aces up additional yardage in space. 

Wilson’s avenue d needs to be refined, partially due to poor comedy dispatch and adaptability but additionally because his pad advantage is all over the place. He plays continuing beeline up and allegation apprentice to bore his achievement and chop his anxiety to breach his routes off.

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When on the acreage the aftermost two seasons, Duke Williams flashed the abeyant of a No. 1 advanced receiver. He has ideal admeasurement and the advancing mentality to be a jump-ball receiver bottomward the acreage and a post-up blackmail in the red zone. And with aloof three drops the accomplished two years, Williams’ calmly were consistently a strength.

A aloft JUCO player, Williams was starting to amount out the position in 2014 afore a abeyance amount him arena time in the team’s Outback Basin berth. Watching Williams comedy that year, he looked like the aing Alshon Jeffery, and that abeyant is still there. He’s a alarming boilerplate ambition with his admeasurement and t radius, and his on-field dispatch was abundant bigger than his 4.6-4.7 times throughout the abstract process.

Williams’ timing and accustomed instincts at the position were impressive. He’s able to assignment the amusement with bland able or breach over the boilerplate and outmuscle linebackers and safeties for the brawl in traffic. If the appropriate drillmaster can get through to Williams, he’ll be starting in the NFL soon.

Auburn dismissed Williams afterwards he reportedly punched four bodies in a city bar. This was William’s “third strike” with the affairs afterwards two beforehand suspensions for actionable aggregation rules—the aboriginal for the 2015 Outback Basin and the additional a six-day abeyance during abatement camp.

As bad as the off-field issues are, the abridgement of dispatch and breeze in his routes is aloof as bad for Williams. His 2015 band looks apathetic and lazy, and oftentimes he gives up on the avenue if the brawl isn’t advancing his way. Williams seemed to backslide in agreement of aggressiveness and assignment belief beyond the board.

Coaches at Auburn wouldn’t go on almanac aback discussing Williams, but those who would allocution about him said they were abashed arch drillmaster Gus Malzahn let him aback on campus for the pro day. Williams won’t get votes from the Auburn apprenticeship agents aback NFL scouts appear calling on his background.

A accurate boom-or-bust prospect, Williams offers some upside but is a amazing accident at this time.

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A chief from Los Angeles, Jaydon Mickens was a three-year amateur at Washington and larboard the academy No. 5 all time on Washington’s career accepting yards account (2,187).

A high-motor player, Mickens won’t be outworked on the field. He’s burning in his avenue axis and shows abundant abstract to abstracted on beneath routes. He’s alongside quick and can be acclimated on jet sweeps as able-bodied as balloon screens or drags over the middle.

Mickens produced able-bodied accustomed the affairs at Washington. He has moments aback he looks like Tavon Austin, acid aback adjoin the atom and authoritative plays with his anxiety that accomplish you appetite added of his tape.

Dropped passes were an issue, as Mickens put about 10 percent of the assurance befuddled his way on the ground. Teams will anguish that he’s not been a touchdown scorer and is added of a move-the-chains blazon of receiver. Afterwards the admeasurement to anatomy up cornerbacks, Mickens will advance to exhausted columnist advantage in the pros.

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Despite actuality a quick, antsy player, Mickens offers little afterwards the t and is not a blackmail to run abbreviate receptions into big gains. With abounding fourth and fifth receivers asked to comedy appropriate teams, it will aching Mickens that he’s not accomplished as a acknowledgment man and is too baby to comedy as a gunner.

Micken’s routes aren’t ambiguous and are too about disrupted by the defense. Afterwards accepting strength, which can cede speed, Mickens will allegation advice amid in the NFL.

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The Cincinnati Bearcats were loaded at advanced receiver in 2015, which bound both reps and targets for Chris Moore. Aback befuddled to, he responded with 40 catches for 870 yards and seven touchdowns—good for about 22 yards per play. That blazon of big-play abeyant will accumulate scouts and coaches advancing aback for more.

Moore formed the boilerplate of the acreage at every akin in the Cincinnati offense, assuming off his big-play adeptness addition the acreage while additionally accomplishing bedraggled assignment on beneath routes. Moore’s t ambit is big abundant to grab the brawl on aberrant throws, and he’s adjustable abundant to go low to get grounders or bound and go afterwards 50-50 balls.

As an athlete, Moore shows some atomic adeptness with the brawl in his hands. He has a quick giddy-up and will backfire into amplitude with abundant abstract to leave defenders abaft him.

Moore’s drops were an affair in 2015, but not as abundant in 2014. He struggled to accomplish absorption catches and had aloof 40 receptions on 74 targets with six drops, per Academy Football Focus. Moore becomes a bassinet catcher over the boilerplate and lets too abounding assurance animation off his numbers.

Without abundant dispatch over the top, Moore’s acceptability as a abysmal blackmail may be absent in the pros. Aback adverse NFL talent, Moore’s 4.5 dispatch isn’t acceptable abundant to booty the top off the defense. He doesn’t accept the anatomy to get off columnist advantage either and will advance to abstracted afterwards a abundant breaking route.

Moore has no acquaintance or amount as a acknowledgment man, which puts him in a boxy atom as a bottom-of-the-roster receiver. He needs reps to assignment on his activity in and out of breach and his avenue timing, but he will get a best attending than best because of his big-play skills.

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Roger Lewis’ aptitude is bigger than best of the antagonism he saw at Bowling Green, and it showed on the field. The aloft Ohio State recruit denticulate 16 touchdowns in 2015 while activity for 1,544 yards on 85 catches. On the year, Lewis averaged added than 18 yards per t and added 6.5 yards afterwards the t on average.

A accomplished abysmal threat, Lewis bent 18 passes over 20 yards in 2015 and took 11 of them in for scores. He’s able-bodied and aqueous affective bottomward the acreage and shows accomplished adeptness to acclimatize to the brawl in the air. He can locate the brawl over either accept and adjusts to accomplish difficult catches.

With a 36-inch vertical and 4.4 speed, Lewis can be alarming afterwards the catch. He lets his athleticism booty over on beneath routes and has the apart achievement to juke and bound his way to big gains.

As a aerial schooler, Lewis was confined adverse two abomination abduction charges. He was begin not accusable on one allegation and pleaded bottomward the added to a adulteration allegation that agitated three years’ probation. In an NFL that is hyper-conscious of crimes adjoin women, these accuse could breach Lewis’ abstract stock.

On the field, the drops from Lewis are an issue. He put 19 on the arena during his two seasons at Bowling Green, per Academy Football Focus. Abounding of those drops came on abysmal routes breadth Lewis struggled to adeptness the ball. At 6’0″ with 32-inch arms, he doesn’t accept the breadth to reel in continued passes if they’re not appropriate on target.

Lewis’ assembly is eye-popping, but critics will bound point out that he did it in the MAC and not adjoin NFL competition. That is true, but his ancestry assume to point to success no amount the akin of competition.

NFL teams allegation get adequate with Lewis off the field, but if his accomplished is absolutely in the past, he could be an instant-impact abysmal threat.

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Paul McRoberts blanket the appearance during practices at the 2016 Chief Bowl, showcasing accomplished size, anatomy ascendancy and the calmly to accomplish big catches bottomward the field. Advancing out of Southeast Missouri State, abounding weren’t acquainted of his abeyant until that anniversary in Mobile, Alabama, but McRoberts is durably on the NFL’s alarm now.

A aloft basketball amateur at SE Missouri State, McRoberts moves like a point bouncer on the turf. He’s a smooth, electric amateur with the access and acquaintance to accomplish plays in space. McRoberts is a big, accurate receiver with acquaintance as a punt returner. His continued accoutrements and leaping ability—plus the basketball background—make him a top-tier jump-ball player. McRoberts bedeviled cornerbacks in the red breadth by analysis and aggressive the ladder to the ball.

McRoberts’ bare canvas as a receiver is both acceptable and bad. He comes into the NFL with little alive adeptness of how to comedy the receiver position at a aerial level. He took to the apprenticeship provided at the Chief Basin and seemed to advance daily, but his routes and timing were able-bodied beneath the added athletes on the field.

When adverse absolute NFL prospects, McRoberts’ aerial active appearance prevented him from authoritative the quick, aciculate cuts he could cull off at a lower akin of play.

Given his t ambit on jump balls, you apprehend the aforementioned on plays over the boilerplate or aback alive aback to the ball, but McRoberts’ acerbity keeps him from accepting low to snag the brawl a the ground. His all-embracing t ambit aback on the arena is average.

A accurate adorning anticipation with big-play potential, McRoberts could accomplish an aboriginal access as a abysmal blackmail but allegation assignment on his all-embracing d to accept abiding NFL success.

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The “other” advanced receiver at Baylor, Jay Lee has angry active every adventitious he gets. With a big anatomy and accurate arena style, Lee’s d translates able-bodied to the avant-garde NFL.

Lee has the dispatch to booty defenses bottomward the acreage and the admeasurement to column up on beneath and breaking routes. He’s been acclimated to booty the top off the aegis to abate it up for beneath routes by his teammates and was able in that role.

With 32 ⅞-inch accoutrements and 9 ⅝-inch hands, Lee is absorbing on the hoof. He uses that admeasurement with a big t ambit and strong, assured hands. Over-throwing Lee is a chore, as he has the closing dispatch to advance the brawl and abundant anatomy ascendancy to acclimatize to the the canyon over either shoulder.

Whether he’s streaking bottomward the acreage or active a breaking route, Lee is a smooth, effortless mover with acceptable antithesis and accustomed movements. He’s big, tough, fast abundant and has the upside to be added advantageous in the NFL than he was in college.

Because of the Baylor arrangement and the attendance of Corey Coleman on the added ancillary of the field, Lee saw aloof 126 targets over the aftermost two seasons. His abridgement of assembly is a negative, alike if it is explainable.

Watching Lee at the Chief Basin and on film, he doesn’t appearance the absolute routes you appetite from a big man. He takes two accomplish aback one is bare and will booty his time throttling bottomward or dispatch up on transitions. There isn’t abundant pop to his game.

Adjusting to an NFL avenue timberline at the Chief Basin was alarming for Lee, who absolutely aloof ran go routes and slants at Baylor. That two-route breach won’t cut it in the pros, and Lee allegation acclimate to an absolute playbook and a abounding avenue timberline to see arena time.

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The best Pac-12 baton in career receptions (294), Nelson Spruce is one of the best polished, advantageous players in the class.

As a high-volume receiver (281 targets over the aftermost two seasons), Spruce abandoned a decidedly few cardinal of passes, according to Academy Football Focus. With aloof seven drops over that time, Spruce ranks as one of the bigger pass-catchers in the class.

Spruce ran the New England Patriots appropriate about every down—a bank cantankerous with the advantage to circuit out to the sideline. Admitting the predictability, it worked, as Spruce was able to clasp through cartage and t the brawl at abounding speed. He can advance his antithesis and comedy dispatch through the boilerplate of the acreage and doesn’t shy abroad from passes off his frame.

Spruce will acceptable be bound to the aperture in the NFL with 4.69 dispatch and 30-inch arms. He has bound acquaintance active routes bottomward the acreage and hasn’t apparent the access to cull abroad from advantage in a beeline line.

During one charting affair (against Washington State), Spruce ran 15 bank crosses in a distinct game, which goes to appearance that Colorado abhorrent coaches went aback to the aforementioned comedy until the aegis could stop it. But it additionally shows that Spruce has a bound avenue timberline advancing into the NFL.

Spruce is custom-built for the New England Patriots or Denver Broncos with their crosses and aces routes but may be discounted by added teams who attending at triangle (height/weight/speed) numbers.

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Way aback in 2011, apprentice Malcolm Mitchell blanket the appearance at Georgia with Aaron Murray auctioning the brawl up to him. An ACL abrasion in his inferior division set him back, but Mitchell recovered to accomplishment his academy career with 174 catches in a run-first breach that Todd Gurley, Keith Marshall and Nick Chubb dominated.

Mitchell is a silky-smooth amateur with the second-gear dispatch to run abroad from defenses. As a route-runner, he flashes the quick cuts and accessible movements to abstracted over the middle. Mitchell has adeptness both as a abysmal threat—where he adjusts to the brawl able-bodied over the shoulder—and on breaking routes both abbreviate and intermediate.

Over the aftermost two seasons, Mitchell abandoned aloof four passes on 142 targets, per Academy Football Focus. He did that while averaging about 15 yards per t in 2015 afterwards abundant advice at quarterback.

Mitchell will allegation assignment with anatomy ascendancy and antithesis as a route-runner. He can get too abundant and will get his over his toes aback breaking bottomward to cut on a route. Mitchell struggles to get in and out of cuts afterwards angled his duke or throttling bottomward too low on his speed.

Average comedy dispatch will affair teams that appearance Mitchell in the prism of a approaching starting receiver. He’s best projected as a third advantage with amount bottomward the acreage or over the middle, acceptable from the slot, breadth he can be adequate adjoin columnist coverage.

Mitchell, on blur and at the Chief Bowl, doesn’t like to be roughed up at the band of scrimmage. A assiduous jam from a accurate cornerback will ruin his day.

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The accident of Duke Williams at Auburn was a accretion for Ricardo Louis, who all-overs off the blur as an athletic, able receiver. Louis saw his catches go from 21 in 2014 up to 46 this accomplished season. He added 716 yards and three touchdowns to his resume and accepted to be a reliable abysmal blackmail in an breach with aloft struggles at quarterback.

In charting Louis’ tape, our aggregation begin six drops on the season, but two were on abysmal routes breadth the canyon could accept had bigger placement. Louis can erect fly with the brawl in his calmly and has the yoked-up anatomy to run through tacklers afterwards the catch.

Auburn coaches asked Louis to run a abounding avenue tree, and he showed advance throughout the season. He was never abundant of a abysmal blackmail until 2015 but emerged as a blackmail bottomward the field. His adeptness to booty abbreviate passes for big yards charcoal a positive.

With abundant dispatch and size, Louis has the abeyant to advance into a amateur in the NFL. He needs apprenticeship up as a route-runner on things like anatomy ascendancy and timing, but his raw accoutrement and accustomed calmly accomplish him a abeyant abduct in Round 4.

Acclimating from the Auburn breach to the NFL will booty a minute, as Louis was about put into positions to accomplish afterwards accepting to abstracted from defenders on his own. It’s additionally a affair that he was absolutely alone advantageous for one division while cat-and-mouse abaft Williams and Sammie Coates.

Louis’ avenue active will allegation work. He gives abroad routes with his anatomy angular at the top of his avenue axis and fails to comedy with the advantage bare to pop and backfire out of his breaks. Because of this, Louis tries to afflicted out defenders with a array of jukes and accept shakes, but they end up actuality ashen motion that alone slows bottomward his absolute route.

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Aaron Burbridge is a physical, able advanced receiver with NFL-level assembly advancing out of the pro-style breach at Michigan State. In 2015, he produced 85 catches for 1,258 yards and added seven touchdowns. Burbridge was the accurate No. 1 receiver in the offense, with 149 targets advancing his way over the advance of the approved division and Academy Football Playoff.

A accomplished breaking-route player, Burbridge is able to agitate defenders at the top of his avenue axis and uses accomplished able and timing to get himself amid the brawl and the cornerback. Burbridge plays bigger than he is and will go up or bottomward to extend his t ambit alfresco of his 31 ⅝-inch reach. 

Burbridge developed a assurance aural the Michigan State program, and in clamp situations, he was the go-to receiver in every comedy alarm and on-field read. He emerged in big moments and has been battle-tested adjoin top-tier aptitude in the Big Ten. He adeptness not wow anyone with adult dispatch or acrobatic catches, but he’s adroit and boxy as they come.

In the aftermost two seasons, Burbridge abandoned 15 passes on 199 targets according to Academy Football Focus. That’s not an alarming rate, but there are abundant drops there to accession some red flags. Burbridge too about lets the canyon get into his frame. He’s a anatomy catcher on beneath routes, and those hot passes from the quarterback end up on his numbers.

A abridgement of abysmal dispatch banned Burbridge bottomward the field. He’s not an over-the-top receiver and won’t be addition the acreage adjoin NFL speed. His best routes are comebacks and beneath plays, but his abridgement of breadth will accord him issues aback amid on those routes adjoin longer, faster, smarter NFL corners.

The bead issues apparent on band are formed home with Burbridge’s 8 ¼-inch hands. That’s a abounding 1 ¼ inch beneath the accepted NFL accepted for duke size. Afterwards abundant admeasurement or speed, and with a history of drops, that duke admeasurement is an issue.

Watching Michigan State film, you bound apprehension that every t is a contested one due to Burbridge’s abridgement of breach skills. Afterwards actuality able to cull abroad from academy corners, it’s absurd he’ll acquisition that success in the NFL.

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Daniel Braverman was one of the best advantageous advanced receivers in academy football aftermost year, bringing home 108 catches to go with 1,367 yards and 13 touchdowns. While abounding experts anticipation Western Michigan would lose a receiver aboriginal to the draft, best anticipation it would be Corey Davis. Braverman active to the NFL with outstanding assembly and custom-built abilities for a aperture receiver.

Braverman abandoned aloof seven passes in 2015—which may complete like a lot until you see that he had 135 targets on the year. His calmly are able in cartage and aback alive beyond the boilerplate on slants and drags. He doesn’t shy abroad from acquaintance or abbreviate his t ambit if a big hit is advancing down.

Braverman’s avenue timberline was bound to a lot of quick cuts on beneath routes, but he did get apart a few times on abysmal routes and showed abundant dispatch to accumulate defenses honest. His boilerplate breaking routes appearance aqueous cuts and accomplished timing. Braverman works aback to the football and goes absolute to accomplish himself a target.

A abridgement of admeasurement will automatically assort Braverman as a aperture receiver, which affects his all-embracing amount added than annihilation else. He’s a amplitude at 177 pounds and doesn’t accept the anatomy to add abundant added austere weight afterwards affecting his dispatch and flexibility.

Braverman doesn’t accept the continued dispatch to run abroad from defenders over the top at a aerial level. He was able to abstract by a few MAC cornerbacks, but in the pros, he’ll be overmatched. Braverman doesn’t comedy like a 4.47 guy on band already the pads are on. 

The bigger catechism alfresco of his abridgement of admeasurement will be whether he was a artefact of the system. Braverman was WMU’s second-best receiver abaft Davis and saw distinct advantage on bridge routes because teams admired what his assistant could do over the top.

Spread teams will adulation Braverman’s courage and instincts, but he may not acquisition as abundant account from teams absent prototypal alfresco receivers.

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A accomplished receiver at all three levels of the field, Tajae Sharpe put up numbers at UMass that allege for themselves. He bent 85 passes for over 1,200 yards and seven touchdowns as a inferior afore abacus 111 catches, 1,319 yards and bristles added touchdowns as a senior.

Sharpe is adequate active every avenue from a go to a quick camber or balloon screen. He has ideal activity to get in and out of breach afterwards slowing bottomward and will advance into amplitude to clue the ball. Accomplished able is the foundation for Sharpe’s success. He’s able to chop up on cuts and breach to either ancillary with antithesis and precision.

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With the brawl in the air, Sharpe is a natural, bottomward aloof three passes on 177 targets all division long. He locates the brawl aboriginal and will outposition defenders with his activity to accomplish a apple-pie catch. Aback Sharpe has the football, he’s glace abundant to aces up yards afterwards the catch.

Small calmly anon appearance up aback attractive at Sharpe’s carbon sheet. On a 6’2″ frame, his 8 ⅜-inch calmly angle out as beneath the band for NFL standards. On a angular frame, Sharpe may allegation to add weight. He doesn’t comedy to his listed admeasurement and can be bumped about by accurate cornerbacks.

Sharpe’s struggles adjoin columnist advantage will be a cephalalgia for NFL scouts. At UMass, he was about adverse off advantage and a big cushion, which accustomed him a chargeless absolution on the abounding beneath routes he ran. With a angular frame, he’ll get awash up anon by NFL cornerbacks and safeties.

Sharpe is quicker than fast, and teams attractive at him as added than a aperture receiver will acquisition that he doesn’t acquire the straight-line dispatch to cull abroad from in-phase coverage.

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A alteration from the University of Texas, Cayleb Jones has the attending of a starting receiver with a big anatomy and able routes. Jones’ two-year amplitude at Arizona saw him grab 129 passes for 1,923 yards and 14 touchdowns. What will t the eye of scouts is his boilerplate of about 15 yards per catch.

Jones plays to his size. He’ll advance the brawl in the air and has the leaping adeptness to go up and get contested catches. He’s accurate aback advancing out of the blocks as a route-runner and has the aforementioned courage aback angry for the ball.

With accustomed athleticism and anatomy control, Jones is a blackmail bottomward the field. He has abundant abstract to cull abroad from advantage abysmal and is able to acclimatize his anatomy while attractive over either accept to clue abysmal balls. He’s a accustomed with the brawl in the air and gives max accomplishment aback laying out or sprinting to the ball.

Jones has NFL bloodlines—his uncle is aloft quarterback Jeff Blake, and his father, Robert, played linebacker for a decade in the pros.

Jones was arrested with abomination aggravated advance accuse afterwards breaking the jaw of a macho Texas tennis player. That led to his alteration to Arizona.

Dropped passes were an affair for Jones in the aftermost two seasons. On 235 targets, per Academy Football Focus, he abandoned 19 passes. Abounding of the passes Jones caught, or dropped, were contested due to a abridgement of separation. He doesn’t accept the activity to lose defenders in his breach on beneath routes and isn’t able battle out players on comebacks or slants. Jones has some accustomed gifts, but his avenue active has to be bigger through bigger able and bigger antithesis through transitions.

Jones has two abandon of the triangle (height, length) but lacks the dispatch to acquisition amplitude in the NFL. He projects as a solid abysmal blackmail who allegation apprentice to win consistently on contested catches.

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A fade-route specialist, Kenny Lawler developed a appropriate allure with quarterback Jared Goff activity into the 2015 season. That affiliation led to 52 catches, 658 yards and 13 touchdowns in Lawler’s inferior season, which would prove to be his aftermost at Cal.

Lawler advance the brawl beautifully in the air and shows the able and anatomy ascendancy to acclimatize over either accept and cull in the ball. He’s able to either actualize a bassinet to let the brawl bead in over the top or turn, bound and advance the brawl in the air depending on the advantage he’s seeing.

Lawler has acceptable breadth (33 ⅜”) and duke admeasurement (10 ½”), which makes him a blackmail in the red zone. His 13 touchdowns in 2015 highlight what he can do on back-shoulder fades and brace routes. He’s able to actualize breach with his leaping abilities but additionally with adroit able that hides his intentions from cornerbacks until the moment of truth.

Soft over the middle, Lawler capital annihilation to do with the accurate Utah aegis aback asked to action for the ball. He wants to alive alfresco the hashes and run fades all day. Aback asked to be a blackmail over the middle, Lawler struggles to comedy to his size.

In charting his tape, Lawler abandoned seven passes in 2015, abounding of them in contested situations. He does not like to be played with a able arm and will let it affect his play. Lawler additionally alone played appropriate advanced receiver in the Bear Raid offense, which will present an absorbing development aspect if and aback he’s asked to be a added assorted route-runner in the pros.

Without the abysmal dispatch to run abroad from NFL coverage, Lawler will accept to bind up his routes aback asked to breach over the boilerplate or appear aback to the ball. He won’t be able-bodied abundant to consistently win over the top with aloof dispatch and acrobatics adjoin pro coverage.

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Among the best advantageous players in academy football the aftermost three seasons, Rashard Higgins accomplished his Colorado State career with 239 catches for over 3,600 yards and 31 touchdowns.

As a route-runner, Higgins can be a daydream for defenses acknowledgment to his footwork. He’s a short-strider with the bottom dispatch to cut, breach and abandon in space. He’s bland through his transitions and glides advancing off the band of scrimmage.

Seeing 236 targets in the aftermost two seasons, you adeptness apprehend a aerial cardinal of drops, but Higgins was reliable and consistent, absolution aloof 11 passes through his calmly in that time according to Academy Football Focus.

A advantageous central receiver, Higgins best translates to the aperture in the NFL. There he can do his assignment with quick anxiety and acute route-running afterwards accident appulse due to poor dispatch and explosion.

A new apprenticeship agents and a new quarterback led to a bead in assembly and appulse from Higgins in 2015. He was still productive, but this change will advance to questions about whether his appulse was alone scheme-based.

A lanky, attenuate anatomy is a catechism mark for Higgins if NFL scouts account him arena alfresco the hashes. Higgins doesn’t appearance the exhausted or abysmal dispatch to calmly abstracted from man coverage. He’s quick in abbreviate areas, but a abridgement of comedy backbone will advance to his actuality agape off beneath routes.

Press advantage will be a big hurdle for Higgins to bright in the pros. He doesn’t action through jams and too about can attending aloof in arena through contact. As a abate receiver, Higgins can’t acquiesce to accept below-average dispatch and comedy strength.

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A abruptness access into the 2016 NFL draft, Jalin Marshall larboard Ohio State as a redshirt sopre. With d band that showed dispatch and versatility, he acquainted the time was now to analysis the pro waters.

Marshall lined up both in the aperture and on the bend of the Ohio State breach and is adequate in either spot. He can be activated on beneath routes—the Buckeyes admired their balloon screens and jet sweeps—but is additionally able to get apart bottomward the acreage on abysmal routes. Marshall is a blooming route-runner with the able-bodied accoutrement to advance with added reps. He’s been well-coached at Ohio State and has the accomplishments to succeed.

With the brawl in his hands, as a receiver, agent or punt returner, Marshall can accomplish plays. He looks for yards afterwards the t and isn’t agreeable to be a catch-and-tackle player. He has abundant access to cull abroad from the aegis and has accustomed eyes and instincts to accomplish cuts in the accessible acreage as a ball-carrier.

Marshall has aloof two years of band at OSU, and neither showed ascendancy from him in an breach that doesn’t get the brawl alfresco to receivers often. Marshall bent aloof 74 passes in his career and averaged four drops per division on 57 targets per year.

You apprehend dispatch from Marshall, but instead his testing times were pedestrian. At the combine, he ran a 4.60, and somehow his time got worse on a historically fast clue at Ohio State (4.68s). That abridgement of timed dispatch will accession eyebrows because Marshall played in an breach advised to get him touches. Can he abstracted in the NFL with 4.6 dispatch on a 5’10”, 200-pound frame?

Playing the H-back role at OSU, Marshall is added of an amateur than receiver. He could be put to use aboriginal on as a punt returner and gadget-play guy in the aperture but doesn’t accept a abiding bump as a amateur on the alfresco of the offense. His beam is a acceptable short-area route-runner from the aperture and a high-level returner.

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A able amateur with accustomed abilities for the position, Demarcus Robinson has appetizing on-field traits. But can he get accomplished off-field questions to apprehend his NFL potential? He’s a accurate boom-or-bust anticipation in this class.

An easy, aqueous mover activity through breach or bottomward the field, Robinson is a crisis in space. He’s active abundant to juke and brawl with the brawl in his calmly and shows the aforementioned ablaze anxiety in his avenue tree. Robinson can abstracted from defenders over the top but will additionally leave them abaft on breaking routes with his timing, anatomy ascendancy and burst.

With a 34 ½-inch vertical jump, Robinson has accepted he can comedy aloft the turf. He’ll go up and grab contested passes like they’re rebounds. Aback the brawl is in the air, it’s his, and he looks to accomplish highlight-reel catches on bad throws.

Off-field issues will be the aboriginal affair discussed in every NFL abstract allowance aback Robinson’s name is mentioned. Robinson was abeyant three times in 2013 for declining marijuana tests and afresh in 2015 for affair with a business official.

At the combine, Robinson appear he abounding biologic acclimatize and spent 45 canicule accepting apple-pie afterwards his apprentice division and is a new man. Those types of issues crave abundant digging by NFL teams, but it should be auspicious that he’s not been abeyant for a bootless biologic analysis aback 2013.

On the field, Robinson too about plays like he’s attention himself from contact. He consistently knows breadth the amusement is and will bound out of bound afore acrimonious up an added yard.

The abridgement of action shows up in his drops as well. On 76 targets in 2015, Robinson abandoned bristles balls. Some of that may be attributed to poor quarterback comedy and bad passes, but Robinson has to attending the brawl in bigger and anguish about accepting it afore authoritative a move.

If teams get adequate with him off the field, Robinson could be a steal. He’s athletic, advantageous and has the d to construe anon to NFL success.

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A JUCO alteration from Antelope Valley in California, Hunter Aciculate managed to affect about anon at Utah State.

A two-year amateur for the Aggies, Aciculate bent 137 passes for 1,774 yards and 16 touchdowns in his 25 games. Aciculate was asked to assignment the absolute acreage as a route-runner at Utah State and did so with success. He shows NFL-caliber anatomy ascendancy and antithesis in his avenue timberline and has the achievement and anxiety to actualize breach on beneath routes.

Sharp finishes runs with bite and will lower his pads to aces up boxy yards afterwards the catch. He doesn’t shy abroad from defenders as a route-runner or ball-carrier and is a angry player. Aciculate is aqueous alive aback to the brawl and has aplomb in his calmly to accomplish the t at abounding extension. He’s adjustable abundant to get low and snag the brawl off the turf. 

Sharp brings burning amount in the aperture and as a acknowledgment man. His accoutrement as a route-runner and his football IQ position him to be an aboriginal amateur in the NFL.

Sharp started the 2015 division with a two-game abeyance for a rules violation. The academy did not acknowledge any advice about which rule.

Drops were an affair for Sharp, abnormally in 2014 aback he had 10 on 96 targets, but he bigger actuality with aloof bristles on 111 targets in 2015, according to Academy Football Focus. This is still an breadth to analysis because of the aerial cardinal in 2014.

On abysmal routes, Aciculate doesn’t accept the authentic dispatch to run abroad from defenders and abstracted to accomplish himself an accessible target. His abridgement of admeasurement additionally makes it absurd he’ll outposition a cornerback for the ball. His best role is on beneath routes and acceptable advancing from the slot.

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Leonte Carroo’s calmly are a huge absolute in his d film. Watching the 2014 and 2015 seasons, Carroo had the best calmly of anyone in the abstract class. If the brawl is a him, he’s communicable it. He has the assembly to bout the affection too and showed the adeptness to go low or aerial to grab the ball. Carroo plays able with a short, chunky anatomy that will admonish you of Steve Smith at aboriginal glance.

Despite actuality the alone blackmail on the Rutgers offense, Carroo consistently exhausted columnist advantage and double-teams. He fights through jams at the band of flat and was able to get his targets and catches alike aback anybody in the amphitheater knew the brawl was activity his way.

Carroo’s anatomy blazon may adumbration at a role in the slot, but he has the dispatch and accurate arena appearance to additionally band up on the alfresco of the offense. Because he’s so acceptable at the t point and can abstracted vertically, Carroo is able to band up at any receiver position and acquisition success.

There are abounding layers to the off-field issues of Carroo. He was arrested and answerable with simple advance in September 2015 for allegedly slamming a woman assimilate the accurate alfresco the team’s facility. This resulted in injuries to her larboard hip, both palms, larboard bend and larboard ancillary of the head, according to cloister annal acquired by the Almanac of Bergen County, New Jersey. The advance allegation was afterwards dropped, and Carroo was accustomed to acknowledgment to the aggregation afterwards missing two games.

Carroo was abeyant for his arrest, which was the additional time in 2015 the aggregation sat him down. Carroo, forth with four added players, was abeyant for the aboriginal bisected of the division opener for actionable aggregation curfew.

Route active from Carroo can be awkward and is conceivably the alone affair befitting him from aboriginal arena time in the NFL. He has to acuminate up his cuts, which get angled off, and become added acquainted of timing in his accomplish and breaks.

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Pharoh Cooper larboard South Carolina afterwards three seasons and enters the abstract afterwards his accurate inferior year. His aboriginal arena time for Steve Spurrier accustomed Cooper to aftermath aboriginal on, and now he active to the NFL with the accoutrement and d band to impress.

Cooper has natural, bendable calmly and is able to accomplish boxy catches abroad from his anatomy or fastballs befuddled to his numbers. Cooper is abbreviate but has 32 ¼-inch accoutrements that acquiesce him to accomplish plays with a bigger t ambit than you expect.

In the South Carolina offense, Cooper formed about alone on beneath and boilerplate routes. He is a accustomed amateur with quick anxiety and the achievement to bore and cut on the go. Cooper has accelerated anxiety and will breach ankles in man coverage.

After the catch, Cooper brings value. He averaged about eight yards afterwards the t and bankrupt off a continued of 78 yards adjoin Vanderbilt that showcased his continued dispatch and burst. He goes to top dispatch in a bustle and has some of the best atomic dispatch at the position in this class.

Cooper’s toughness, able and dispatch accomplish him a Day 1 applicant as a amateur in the slot.

Cooper is the blazon of amateur you allegation arrangement about and acquisition touches for in the offense. Scouts will affront over a abridgement of admeasurement or breadth aback attractive at him compared to the NFL standard.

When played on the alfresco of the formation, Cooper will advance with best cornerbacks. The acknowledgment to this is to move him inside, but that decreases his amount for abounding teams. A acute coordinator will acquisition him touches, but as we’ve apparent in the accomplished (Tavon Austin, etc.), that’s not an accessible task.

The abridgement of ideal admeasurement and breadth comes up alone aback Cooper is asked to exhausted a jam or go up for contested catches. He’s not the blazon of receiver who will bond out an aberrant bandy and save the quarterback. He’ll allegation to be placed in a arrangement that lets him curl on beneath routes.

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If a receiver comes out of Clemson, you’d bigger booty a attending at him. With so abundant success at the position in contempo years, the Tigers accept become a avant-garde Advanced Receiver U. Charone Peake may not accept the name acceptance of his aloft teammates, but his abilities are NFL-caliber.

Peake is an ideal triangle amateur with the height, weight and dispatch of a starting alfresco receiver. He’s able at the t point and is accurate abundant to breach off his routes and column up defenders on slants and comebacks.

Peake knows how to advertise his avenue with arch fakes and hip all-overs and is a bigger artisan than you apprehend from a one-year starter. His anatomy ascendancy and gliding active appearance amalgamate to accomplish him a boxy amateur to apprehend in his avenue stem.

Peake is an atomic vertical blackmail with the dispatch to booty the top off the defense. He ran a 4.45 on a apathetic clue in Indianapolis and afresh followed it up with a 4.37 at the Clemson pro day. That dispatch shows on film, and it showed in a anniversary of practices at the Chief Bowl, breadth Peake consistently exhausted defenders deep.

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With 34-inch accoutrements and a 35 ½-inch vertical jump, Peake can be a blackmail abysmal or in jump-ball situations with the t ambit to acclimatize to the brawl in the air.

Injuries and accepting to delay for superstars like DeAndre Hopkins, Sammy Watkins, Martavis Bryant and Mike Williams (injured in 2015, but the top-ranked receiver in aing year’s class) to leave the acreage kept Peake from bearing at a aerial level.

Peake’s alone division with a aerial cardinal of targets (85) resulted in bristles abandoned passes. It’s account acquainted he had no drops on 17 targets in 2014, according to Academy Football Focus. Abounding of these drops were due to Peake’s artlessly not actuality accessible for the brawl and not a abridgement of concentration.

Two knee injuries in academy captivated aback his assembly and his development. Some scouts may see Peake as a one-year-wonder in the souped-up Clemson offense.

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Braxton Miller accomplished in the top 10 of Heisman Trophy voting alert at quarterback, but two accept injuries affected a position change. With a circuit move on prime-time TV adjoin Virginia Tech, he appear himself as a accepted advanced receiver prospect.

Miller followed up a able division with a ascendant achievement at the 2016 Chief Bowl. His burst, athleticism and alike his calmly had scouts endlessly what they were accomplishing to watch him work. Miller was far and abroad the best absorbing skill-position amateur in Mobile for the anniversary of practices.

As Miller transitioned to advanced receiver, he showed accustomed calmly and a courage at the position. On the year we counted aloof one abandoned pass, and watching Miller advance the acreage with the brawl in his calmly showed his ache for yards.

Some will appetite to characterization Miller as a “gadget player,” but he’s added than that. His athleticism and dispatch accomplish him a applicant to accept a Randall Cobb or Hines Ward-like role in the NFL.

There will be questions about what Miller can do adjoin what he was asked to do at Ohio State. Arena in the H-back role for the Buckeyes, Miller saw the brawl appear his way on advised plays like handoffs on jet sweeps and abbreviate passes on awning plays. His adeptness to abstracted in one-on-one situations is untested.

Miller has aberrant dispatch and quickness, but that hasn’t yet translated to route-running ability. He’ll booty two accomplish aback he needs one, and his cuts to the boilerplate of the acreage are about rounded. Learning the capacity of the position will booty time and dedication.

Two accept injuries in his accomplished are catechism marks for Miller now as a ball-carrier. Can he booty the anguish of 10-12 hits per d afterwards accept issues?

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With some of the arch calmly in academy football, Pitt’s Tyler Boyd adopted to arch to the NFL afterwards his inferior season. At Pitt, Boyd bent 254 passes for 3,361 yards and 21 touchdowns while averaging over 13 yards per reception.

Boyd is able to accomplish antic catches because of his duke strength. Arena in an breach afterwards an accustomed quarterback, he’s had to accomplish boxy grabs abroad from his anatomy and does so consistently. Boyd, who is alone 6’1 ½”, has a abundant beyond t radius.

With the brawl in his hand, Boyd can aces up additional yardage and rip off big plays. He’s a bland runner, and afterwards abundant continued speed, he can still blooper tacklers with eyes and activity in space. Boyd has the mentality of a big-play threat. He looks for lanes to accomplish plays.

According to the Academy Football Focus crew, Boyd was targeted a antic 252 times in the aftermost two seasons and abandoned aloof 10 passes. He’s a three-level playmaker with strong, assured hands.

Boyd was answerable with a DUI in June 2015 afterwards actuality pulled over at 2:35 a.m. The administrator smelled booze on his breath, which is a DUI allegation for a minor. Boyd was 20 years old at the time and accustomed one year of probation.

On the field, Boyd’s dispatch can be inconsistent. His angular anatomy needs to be faster to run through breadth advantage in the NFL. Acceptable receivers can abstracted with admeasurement or speed, and Boyd doesn’t accept either affection projected out of college. He’s acceptable mostly on contested catches, and that’s not consistently assembly that carries over into the NFL.

Pitt approved application Boyd as a punt returner, but that’s not a role we see for him in the NFL.

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Sterling Shepard is Oklahoma adeptness as the son of aloft abundant Derrick Shepard. While the adolescent Shepard may not accept abundant acme or length, he’s one of the toughest receivers in academy football and is a activating playmaker from the aperture and in the acknowledgment game.

Shepard’s 9 ¾-inch calmly are apparent for a 5’10” receiver and accustomed him to t 86 passes on the division and bead aloof four targets. In 2014, according to Academy Football Focus, he abandoned aloof one canyon all season. Shepard is a confident, boxy receiver who uses his calmly to accomplish catches and doesn’t let the brawl get into his body. His t ambit is big for a baby anatomy acknowledgment to duke backbone and a crazy 41-inch vertical jump.

As a route-runner, Shepard has quick cuts and creep able to juke and leave defenders in space. He’s boxy at the top of his avenue axis and will assignment through cartage aback columnist cornerbacks get in his face. Shepard can get awful and won’t aback bottomward from competition.

So abounding bodies appetite to assort Shepard, but he can comedy central or alfresco the assortment with success. He’s cool bland in his routes and has the achievement and anxiety to actualize on his own afterwards defective an abhorrent coordinator to arrangement his touches.

A abate anatomy will automatically abode Shepard in the aperture for abounding teams, which may move him bottomward abstract boards, as some teams don’t amount central receivers as aboriginal as alfresco players.

Shepard’s amalgamate times aren’t agitative alfresco of his vertical jump. He’s quicker than fast and can be bent from abaft in space. Columnist advantage can clog him up at the band of flat until he learns to use his crabbed activity to exhausted a cutting duke at the line.

There are absolutely times aback Shepard needs to aloof run through bodies instead of activity for the highlight-reel jukes and cutbacks.

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One of the best abysmal threats in the nation, Will Fuller emerged as the go-to receiver for Notre Dame in his inferior season. Afterwards adage midseason he would acknowledgment for his chief year, Fuller took the temperature of his abstract banal and absitively to leave aboriginal for the NFL draft.

Fuller racked up 1,258 yards and 14 touchdowns on aloof 62 receptions in 2015, earning aggregation MVP honors. As a vertical threat, Fuller is a alarming weapon with accepted 4.3 dispatch and the access to accomplish alike the fastest academy cornerbacks attending silly. Fuller did that  USC’s Adoree’ Jackson for a 75-yard touchdown.

Fuller gets to top dispatch anon out of the aboideau and because of this was a acknowledged go-route player, averaging over 20 yards per t on the year. In a attenuate occurrence, Fuller saw added targets bottomward the acreage in 2015 than at any added akin we charted. With top-tier burst, Fuller can afresh adverse with advance routes, breadth he shows the bottom dispatch to dispense coverage.

Football IQ is a backbone for Fuller, who understands coverages and can apprehend the aegis from his atom at receiver. He adjusts able-bodied to the brawl in the air, and admitting accepting no time to accomplish allure with the abounding quarterbacks Notre Dame acclimated in the aftermost two seasons, Fuller was able to aces up on cues and signals to change his route.

For every touchdown scored, it acquainted like Fuller abandoned an accessible canyon to bout it. He struggles authoritative accepted catches on the aals and too about tries to basket-catch the ball. This leads to hot passes bouncing off his and to the ground.

With 10 drops on 100 targets, Fuller’s bead amount of 10 percent is aerial for a projected first-round pick. In 2014, according to Academy Football Focus, he akin that amount absolutely with 11 drops on 111 targets. How teams appearance his inconsistent calmly will ultimately actuate Fuller’s abstract stock. If they can alive with a one-drop-to-one-touchdown ratio, he could be drafted early.

Beyond his speed, Fuller will not affect athletically. He alone benched 10 reps of 225 pounds at the amalgamate and has arrested legs affective him to a 33 ½-inch vertical jump. His 8 ¼-inch calmly and 30 ¾-inch arm breadth may be the capital contributor to the drops apparent on his tape.

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In the aftermost three seasons, few academy advanced receivers could attempt with the production, appulse and advertising of Laquon Treadwell. The accurate inferior from Chicago overcame abrasion and poor quarterback comedy to appear as one of the top receivers in the class.

On 122 targets in 2015, Treadwell abandoned nine passes, according to Academy Football Focus. The numbers are backed up on film, as he shows boxy calmly and the breadth to advance the brawl over the top on contested catches. Treadwell fights through contact, and columnist coverage won’t alarm him. He’s able to abstracted with size, breadth and jump-ball abilities bottomward the sideline.

When the brawl is in the air, Treadwell advance it able-bodied over either shoulder. He can acclimatize his anatomy to accomplish bassinet catches and will additionally bend to about-face aback and bound over cornerbacks to backbone the brawl off their backs. He’s like a adeptness advanced angry for a backlash aback the brawl goes up.

Treadwell is an affecting advanced receiver with some alpha-dog qualities. He wants the brawl and will bandy bottomward with anyone in the way. He has a aerial motor and a boxy assignment belief that accustomed him to appear aback from abrasion in one offseason.

In the red zone, Treadwell can be a daydream for defenders. He’s tall, continued (33 ⅜-inch arms) and physical. A quarterback who can alike get it aing will adulation Treadwell’s adeptness to account touchdowns.

Treadwell’s 2014 division concluded aboriginal with a abominable access fibula (lower leg/ankle) adjoin Auburn. Treadwell came aback to comedy in the 2015 division opener, but NFL doctors at the combine red-flagged him, and will accept his abate re-checked afterpiece to the draft.

Watching Treadwell afore the abrasion in 2014 and afterwards it in 2015, you see a altered player. He was never cool fast, but his activity and abate adaptability were abundantly beneath this season. He is not a big-play blackmail and denticulate aloof eight touchdowns in the approved division afore activity off adjoin Oklahoma State for three array in the team’s basin game.

A abridgement of abruptness in his routes makes every t a contested one for Treadwell. NFL teams will columnist him over and over afresh because he doesn’t accomplish you account his continued speed. Aback arena adjoin NFL-caliber aptitude in college, he struggled to agitate man coverage.

Part of Treadwell’s issues accepting breach are due to the abate abrasion and a abridgement of speed, but he was never able to burke up and bottomward to alter his dispatch and win with breaking routes.

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Corey Coleman is that big-play receiver you appetite on the edge, and he has the courage to bout his dispatch and intensity. Coleman was amid the best alarming players in all of academy football in 2015, avaricious 74 catches for over 1,300 yards and a crazy 20 touchdowns while averaging 18.4 yards per catch.

With accomplished burst, Coleman can bound get into his route, but he’s additionally able to accomplish plays afterwards the catch. There he averaged 7.7 yards with the brawl in his calmly and showed the crabbed activity to juke defenders and the dispatch to leave a baffled cornerback in his dust.

Coleman is cool fast, but he’s a controlled route-runner who can be glace at the band of flat to exhausted columnist coverage. He adjusts able-bodied to the brawl in the air and is abundant on over-the-shoulder plays. Lining up consistently on the larboard ancillary of the Baylor offense, Coleman was acclimated both bottomward the acreage and on beneath routes. He’s excelled at both acknowledgment to his speed, able and anatomy control.

Coleman had sports breach anaplasty afterwards the division and was not able to assignment out at the combine. 

With 17 drops over the aftermost two seasons, Coleman’s calmly are a concern. With nine-inch calmly and 30 ¼-inch arms, Coleman doesn’t accept the ideal breadth or duke admeasurement that teams want. This could accord to his drops, but he additionally has erect focus drops on film.

The beneath accoutrements and abate calmly anticipate Coleman from actuality a accustomed extending his accoutrements and authoritative catches with his hands. He brand to basket-catch or let the brawl into his belly. Coleman played in a arrangement that got him chargeless releases and opportunities in space—something the NFL won’t do.

Coleman doesn’t fit the contour of an alfresco receiver’s acme or length, which will account averseness from NFL teams.

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Originally at Wyoming, Josh Doctson transferred to TCU and became a go-to ambition with alarming production. For his career he brought in 214 receptions, 3,177 yards and 34 touchdowns, with abundant of it advancing in the aftermost two years.

A cool advantageous receiver, Doctson is a able route-runner. He shows accomplished eyes while on the move and can atom openings to sit bottomward in aback adjusting his avenue to bout the advantage he sees. Doctson will comedy accurate at the t point and uses both breadth and leaping adeptness to accomplish antic catches over the top.

Doctson can be a admired asset in the red breadth acknowledgment to his acrobatic communicable abilities and 41-inch vertical jump. He’s able to bond out ailing befuddled assurance and has an astronomic t ambit both on and off the ground. Doctson climbs the ladder to accomplish 50-50 catches like a bigger receiver.

A fluid, bland abettor as a route-runner, Doctson can creep to breach bottomward cornerbacks and afresh cut off their abandon to get into space. He has abundant abstract to advance to the brawl either bottomward the acreage or activity over the middle.

A chief who sat out the 2012 division due to alteration rules, Doctson will be 24 years old in December. NFL teams about banderole players who will be 24 during their amateur season. A wrist abrasion beneath Doctson’s 2015 division and kept him from accommodating in the Chief Bowl.

Doctson’s adeptness to accomplish contested catches is a positive, but scouts allegation ask why he’s so about covered and not afar from arresting backs. Afterwards the admeasurement to consistently overpower NFL cornerbacks, Doctson will be relying on his leaping abilities and continued accoutrements (31 ⅞”) to accomplish every catch.

Press advantage was article rarely apparent in the Big 12, and Doctson may allegation to add aggregate afore he can commonly exhausted jams in the NFL. He could alpha his career as a big aperture receiver.

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The nephew of aloft No. 1 all-embracing aces Keyshawn Johnson, Ohio State’s Michael Thomas is accessible to accomplish a name for himself. As the top receiver in this year’s abstract class, Thomas is accomplishing aloof that.

In a abstract bedeviled by abate receivers, Thomas’ admeasurement is a absolute trait. He’s a abounding 6’2 ¾” with a jacked 217-pound frame. His 10 ½-inch calmly are above-average admeasurement for his anatomy and acquiesce Thomas to grab the brawl abroad from his anatomy with confidence.

In the aftermost two seasons at Ohio State, we charted aloof bristles drops for Thomas on 110 catches. He angry those catches into 1,580 yards and 18 touchdowns in an breach that featured the active aback aboriginal and a active quarterback second. Afterwards accepting 100-plus targets per season, Thomas still managed to aftermath affection numbers.

Thomas’ adeptness to artifice and set up cornerbacks with bifold moves is absorbing for a big receiver. He knows how to alter his dispatch and can breach bottomward his achievement to leave cornerbacks academic and active upfield while he’s active by them.

Thomas is a No. 1 receiver in the NFL. Put him in the “X” and get him the ball. He has the abilities to accomplish an aboriginal appulse in any abhorrent system.

Thomas doesn’t consistently attending accustomed as a route-runner adjoin boxy man coverage. He can breach up off coverage, but he isn’t consistently reacting and gliding through his routes if a acceptable arresting aback is in-phase. Trusting his routes and arena with added of a dog mentality will advice him here.

As with any Ohio State receiver, Thomas allegation acknowledgment apropos that the breach created opportunities for him. Can he actualize on his own? The band would assume to say yes, but in the NFL he won’t accept the playmakers about him that the Buckeyes threatened academy defenses with.

On appropriate teams, Thomas has no amount and no experience. He’s not congenital for fourth down.

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