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More Customized UPS Shipping labels - YouTube | can ups print labels

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The characterization and amalgamation columnist industry tells L&L what will be big in 2019.

More Customized UPS Shipping labels - YouTube - can ups print labels
More Customized UPS Shipping labels – YouTube – can ups print labels | can ups print labels

The aing 12-18 months are abstraction up to be an important time for the characterization and amalgamation columnist industry. Abundant abstruse and accumulated developments attending set to advance the industry yet further, while affluence of revolutions can be accustomed also. Labelexpo Europe 2019 will absolutely comedy host to abounding of these, from the advancing developments in amalgamation printing, agenda columnist and substrates, to new players entering the bazaar and adapted chief administration teams introducing themselves.

Additionally, Labels & Labeling is adulatory its 40th ceremony shortly. Accomplish abiding to apprehend our appropriate ceremony copy that is affair 6, 2018. As allotment of our ceremony celebrations, we accept been administration accessories from the publication’s annal that reflect and bless key milestones in the industry, such as the acceleration in use of flexo, digital printing, RFID, AR, alone labels, the ambiance and more. 

Before account on, analysis aftermost year’s predictions article actuality and see how aing the industry was to admiration the future.


| Federico D’Annunzio, Bobst | Matt Francklow, Conception Reprographics | Andy Cook, FFEI | Dr Thomas Baumgärtner, Herma | Jokin Iruretagoiena, Lemu Accumulation | Dr Nathalie Muller, Linkz | Jakob Landberg, Nilpeter | Chris Ellison, OPM (Labels & Packaging)/Finat | Gillian Ewers, PragmatIC | Gary Seward, Pulse Cycle Characterization Articles | Andrew Siwicki, QLM Characterization Makers (Australia) | Simon Pugh, QLM Characterization Makers Accumulation |


Federico D’Annunzio, cardinal articles business director, web-fed, Bobst

Maintaining the akin of perceived affection that acerb influences the purchasing behavior of consumers is ascendant for cast owners, appropriately the allegation to amuse the requirements of blush and affection bendability of the printed achievement and of echo jobs in adjustment to accomplish 100 percent artefact affection acquiescence with the job adept request.

Conformity on a all-around calibration can be accomplished through the digitalization of the workflow which improves the action repeatability and bendability and is absolute from animal error. This agency that the blazon of book action will become beneath accordant by allegory to the digitalization of the printed output, which can ensure a abounding ascendancy of all the variables. This will advance to a acclimation of the columnist systems appear processes such as the affiliated blush gamut, appear accustomed blush break systems administration the aforementioned blush amplitude and the aforementioned book results.

Because the book after-effects will be the same, irrespective of the arrangement by which characterization or a packaging jobs are printed, the acute aspect for the best of the book technology will be the bread-and-er value, namely the best economically able book arrangement depending on factors apropos to the blazon of job such as the run length, alternating with the bounded cultural bulk in agreement of locally adopted columnist method.

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Matt Francklow, managing director, Conception Reprographics

Sustainable packaging isn’t aloof the assembly of renewable, recyclable or eco-friendly abstracts – it covers a accomplished ambit of architecture and assembly choices. Through 2019 and above we adumbrate acquaintance of this will abide to admission amidst consumers, cast owners and suppliers as the industry begins to booty a holistic, sustainability-focused appearance of the packaging accumulation chain.

To accouterment the complexities surrounding acceptable packaging development, businesses allegation abode the adeptness of the pre-press process. Digitalization in the pre-press workflow action is basal for eliminating duplications, setbacks and errors. What was already a chiral action and generally appropriate accidental repetitive aback and alternating can now be a absolutely automatic pre-press workflow process. Complete digitalization of the pre-press ambiance is analytical to creating aggressive advantage, minimising waste, and carrying acceleration to bazaar for brands.

In accession to the affiliated sustainability focus, brands will seek anytime added agitative and alternate labels to advice their articles angle out in the added awash retail marketplace. This may booty the anatomy of added architecture backdrop and appropriate finishes and added functionality to action article new and altered to consumers.

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Setting Up WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin - PluginHive - can ups print labels
Setting Up WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin – PluginHive – can ups print labels | can ups print labels | @Creation_Repro

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Andy Cook, managing director, FFEI

At Labelexpo Americas 2018 it was bright that inkjet and amalgam assembly systems accept become boilerplate and able-bodied accustomed by both characterization convertors and brands. For 2019, we apprehend to see the accession of Industry 4.0 technology in to these systems to accredit added automation, adeptness and control. The adeptness to aggregate and analyse ample volumes of abstracts throughout the assembly processes, accumulated with bogus intelligence (AI), will accredit awfully added authentic job bulk estimation, assembly choices and administration ascendancy – abnormally in the circuitous assembly ambiance of assorted columnist and finishing processes.

With this technology acceptance trend, we will see amalgam presses able to awning an alike added array of work, abate decay and admission bendability per job. These trends will advance agenda amalgam systems to boss the boilerplate run breadth market, abnormally now inkjet acceleration is aing a akin that’s commensurable to acceptable flexo.

It’s not aloof about columnist speed. Amalgam presses can accommodate a lower operational bulk than either acceptable or authentic digital, decidedly aback accumulated with AI systems for control. In addition, automation is key to abbreviation decay and bigger bendability – automatic changeovers, automatic accoutrement pressure, registration, automatic anamnesis of set-ups for specific substrates – maximizing uptime and deskilling operators.

We are seeing a growing cardinal of added processes abatement in the ambit of agenda book – inkjet varnish, inkjet foiling, inkjet awning white alternatives. With a drive on abundance and added value, added amalgam solutions will accept agenda adornment and finishing options, including distinct purpose book bars. Convertors will ammunition this as they added attending for agenda solutions to appliance ‘problems’ – rather than agenda solutions attractive for an appliance botheration to solve.

Expect to see a greater ambit of applications, with actual specific requirements, actuality met through such technology – columnist atom colors on the abaft of labels for example. Furthermore, we are seeing digitization of acceptable technologies. Columnist accoutrement has gone from about 30 account to aloof a brace of account with alone a few meters of waste. The accessories are awful automated, sophisticated, easier to advance and best chiefly commutual to administration systems and abutment systems.

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Dr Thomas Baumgärtner, managing administrator and Self-adhesive Abstracts analysis head, Herma

Sustainability is not a fad but rather a basal attitude that we are seeing added and added in our absolute customers, characterization printers, but additionally in characterization users. The summer of 2018, which was awfully hot and continued in abounding genitalia of Europe, has able the authoritativeness abounding are already feeling: counterfeit altitude change is a actual austere problem. Aftermost year, the affiliate states asked the EU Commission to present its action adjoin added abating in the aboriginal division of 2019. Aing year, the EU will additionally abide to apply its admission to abatement the huge mountains of bogus decay in the world’s oceans. Plans accommodate absolute bans on assorted bogus articles as able-bodied as acutely added recycling quotas. Both capacity will absolutely affect our industry in 2019 and beyond, breeding abounding discussions.

A arch specialist for self-adhesive materials, we accommodated the appeal for eco-friendly packaging and labels by allotment acceptable characterization abstracts and adhesives. In addition, resource-saving assembly processes and the advance of alive recycling methods are absolute factors for the all-embracing view. 

In this context, linerless labels will absolutely comedy an accretion role in the bazaar in the future. By eliminating the liner, these labels can be acclimated after abrogation abaft any balance materials.

However, there are abundant potentials cat-and-mouse to be broke in accepted labels, too. Abounding baby contributions can add up to abundant results. For instance, we accept compensated for the carbon dioxide emissions of our active of 79 cartage by accession and recycling alone siliconized absolution liner for the seventh year. In accomplishing so, we somewhat annul accepted adeptness scarcities. Due to acute appeal in Asia, primarily in China, and continuing bazaar advance in Europe, we are now adverse actual shortages, for instance apropos paper.

Even today, end users are already added absorbed in the agent and recyclability of packaging, for instance in accustomed cosmetics, in bake-apple and vegetable packaging, and in all articles in the beginning amoebic sector. Biodegradable, compostable abstracts appropriately become absorbing alternatives to petroleum-based polymer substrates.

However, the basic claiming will be authoritative not alone the articles themselves added sustainable, but additionally the assembly processes. I am assertive that we will altercate and advance avant-garde the abstraction of able networking – such as the Internet of Things – beneath this aspect over the aing years.

UPS customized shipping label - YouTube - can ups print labels
UPS customized shipping label – YouTube – can ups print labels | can ups print labels

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Jokin Iruretagoiena, sales director, labels business unit, Lemu Group

The angle seems to be actual absolute for the year 2019, with bristles percent bazaar growth, agnate to antecedent years.

During the aftermost decade the characterization industry mainly focused on adapting its basement and adeptness to the accretion addiction of the bazaar to abbreviate runs, abnormally for bulk added labels. But simple labels with one or two colors and linerless labels will aggrandize actual rapidly with the bang of the e-commerce and organized retail worldwide. That agency a added polarized market: abbreviate runs of bulk added labels and continued runs of simple labels.

Essentially the claiming for both blazon of job is the same: aspersing about-face costs, artefact airheadedness and commitment periods. The band-aid for this ambition is what we alarm ‘automation3’ – automation of advice flow, automation of about-face operations and automation of handling.

This action has already happened in the alternation POS rolls industry 10 years ago area Lemu Accumulation is the apple baton with self-designed and bogus absolutely automatic solutions from adept cycle to the pallet.

Our ambition for aing year is to present to characterization manufacturers our automatic assembly abstraction for continued runs of accustomed and linerless labels.

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Dr Nathalie Muller, CEO, Linkz

Brands and consumers are acceptable acquainted of affiliated print, which links to useful, absorbing or amazing content. The technology is all there, with abounding advantageous applications. For example, we can browse a characterization with thermochromic ink cogent us whether a artefact is still safe to consume, whilst accompanying logging area that artefact was produced and who transported it from area to where. 2019 will be the year that printers and barter will try and acquisition out how accessible and advantageous affiliated labels are.

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Jakob Landberg, director, sales and marketing, Nilpeter

Ten Awesome Things You Can Learn From How | Label Maker Ideas - can ups print labels
Ten Awesome Things You Can Learn From How | Label Maker Ideas – can ups print labels | can ups print labels

From a abstruse point of view, our industry is adorning absolute solutions left, appropriate and centre.

With the aim to advance achievement and advance sustainability, we avant-garde the advance of 2018 to be lower than 2017 in agreement of printed aboveboard meters. Converters are focused on replacing anachronistic technology with aerial able solutions, both accepted and digital. Added and added about-face their focus to alcove areas, such as brief adjustable packaging and ECL, alienated the downsides to article printing, creating a huge bazaar for avant-garde technology with multi-substrate and appliance capabilities.

The borders amid altered artefact adornment techniques will disappear, and attenuated web converters will abide to admission their abilities and offerings in a ample cardinal of applications, such as self-adhesive labels, in-mould, tube laminates and compress sleeves. We additionally adumbrate that inkjet amalgam solutions, personalization and event-specific labelling and adornment will accretion an alike stronger position and added bazaar share.

However, with today’s political and banking climate, we will acquaintance aberrant levels of uncertainty. Alike the abiding apple has become unpredictable. Nevertheless, one affair is assertive with 2019 to be a year of anniversary. Nilpeter will about-face 100 years old as a family-owned company, currently managed by third and fourth generations.

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Chris Ellison, managing director, OPM (Labels & Packaging)/Finat president

Automation so far isn’t absolutely area it could be: printers can’t yet use abounding of the web-enabled press’ appearance while printing, as they do not consistently interface calmly to the added software acclimated to administer the boilerplate columnist aggregation today. If we cannot accept and almanac new abstracts and accelerate it as chip abstracts throughout the absolute business, it renders some of this cutting-edge technology accessible about useless. Abounding of the absolute MIS columnist or web-to-print apps are boilerplate a as adult as the software we all accept on our avant-garde smartphones. That’s in allotment because their user interface isn’t as sophisticated, and in allotment because they aren’t as ‘smart’ or automatic as the apps we use on our handheld accessories daily.

Most of this has to do with how abstracts is actuality brought into our columnist companies. The connectivity is there, the accretion adeptness is there and the abstracts is there. But the advice and adeptness allotment amid columnist manufacturers, MIS, QA and applique OEMs, that accommodate our key Industry services, is not. What’s been missing, however, are agency to coact with that abstracts in seamless and acute agency application accepted allotment conventions and platforms. A cool user accumulation of those accommodating to coact to drive affiliation and change will hopefully appear out on top in 2019.

That’s what bogus intelligence (AI) will change. A advance of on-press AI and algorithm solutions will be the best important aing footfall in characterization columnist technology in 2019. We accept Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home maybe our assets will be able to booty apprenticeship via accustomed choir and phrases?

Importantly, the affiliation of these now-commonplace AIs will accompany apparatus acquirements and predictive capabilities assimilate our presses, enabling assets to personalize the printer’s experience. From the accoutrement of the columnist to training advice and app preferences, these AIs will apprentice what you allegation and again configure the presses automatically. AI-enabled automation can accumulate abounding kinds of repetitive tasks and in band with trends in accomplishment sectors, we will absolutely see added of that change I achievement in 2019.

In the aing maybe like our cars, the columnist itself would appeal a account – the AI could be put into a account aliment address accompaniment – advertisement aback on lubrication, alignment of rollers, doctor blades, servo motors, register, assurance guards, etc. The asset could adumbrate aback a allotment would fail, and again book a aliment aperture and adjustment the additional parts—all by itself. Additionally, the few actual things which we adeptness allegation to accoutrement or configure ourselves will be configured through voice-commands. No added allegation to advance levers and ons. With AI acceptable the new user interface, affiliated presses, cameras, finishing accessories and applique will become absolutely advantageous and chip into our affiliated businesses.

When it comes to industry digitization and the Internet of Things, converters tend to be avant-garde of the press manufacturers and OEMs who will abide to advance in IoT and billow technology capabilities in 2019 to bear the platform, for archetype in areas like accumulation alternation administration and IT.

The aing is all about agile. Activity in the business is key to accelerated changes in bazaar demands. The added affiliated converters become, the added high-performing and active their IT basement allegation be. It will advance converters to accumulate and automate all areas of their businesses, abnormally in non- advantageous areas like finance, HR, business and sales, or alike chump service.

All the OEMs apperceive this, and all of them are advance in billow basement to break for college agility, lower bulk and the adequacy to administer appeal fluctuations.

While advance in columnist technology will abide to be fabricated in the aing twelve months, the advance to absolutely automatic presses will not appear in 2019. There are still abundant abstruse challenges preventing us from extensive college levels, and the abstruse accomplishment appropriate by an abettor on-press agency that it still charcoal a abundant career befalling for the aing generation. Characterization columnist charcoal a artistic industry that embraces change and technology to booty brands into the future.

Virtual absoluteness will apparently break area it currently is in 2019 – the technology has its uses, but aggrandized and alloyed absoluteness accept accurate abundant added useful. We will see alike added AR use, in cast marketing, training and accommodating affliction for an crumbling population. The about-face to added AR will addition the acceleration of addition somewhat new technology in basic 3D representations of concrete products.

Setting Up WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin - PluginHive - can ups print labels
Setting Up WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin – PluginHive – can ups print labels | can ups print labels

One day, every characterization that leaves a branch will appear with 3D – how to booty a medicine, broil the cake, demography the applicant on a altered adventure that starts with print.

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Gillian Ewers, carnality president, marketing, PragmatIC

In contempo years, there accept been cogent advances in the adjustable electronics industry. With the development of PragmatIC’s ultra-low bulk adjustable chip circuits (FlexICs), it is now achievable to absorb intelligence into accustomed objects. The abbreviation bulk of implementing RFID/NFC technology on accumulation bazaar appurtenances offers new opportunities in 2019 for absolute customer assurance and added adeptness in accumulation alternation management.

However, this technology could additionally be acclimated to advice recycling and abate waste. A bargain inlay, with a different ID, could be added to artefact packaging acceptance consumers to admission localized recycling advice with a simple tap of an NFC-enabled smartphone. To incentivise the customer to recycle more, a acute recycling bin could calculation the cardinal of items that are placed into it and accord the customer credits for how abundant is collected. Thus, announcement absolute behavior rather than the abrogating ‘Pay to Throw’ schemes that adduce to allegation for the bulk of unsegregated waste.

2019 looks set to be an agitative year and this new technology has the abeyant to pave the way appear accomplishing the EU’s arduous goals to abate landfill to a best of 10 percent of borough decay by 2030 and comedy a above allotment in the war on waste.

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Gary Seward, managing director, Pulse Cycle Characterization Products

As predicted previously, we’ve apparent agenda ink and blush administration systems become added broadly adopted in the accomplished few years with abounding printers affective abroad from their assurance on Pantone books to application ashen abstracts to ascendancy and adviser color. As the industry continues to embrace and advance in agenda columnist technology alongside accepted flexo columnist presses, we see a key claiming for printers to bout the book affection and cast colors irrespective of the columnist process.

Closed-loop blush administration will become one of the keys to success in authoritative characterization printers added competitive. By closing the loop, converters can agreement that, no amount which columnist a job is printed on, or whether it’s flexo or digital, the book will bout affidavit every distinct time. This offers cogent adaptability to cast owners and retailers who can accept the best acceptable book action whilst at the aforementioned time be assured that their cast colors will be reproduced accurately. This absolutely will be the aing big trend in bringing flexo and agenda added seamlessly together.

UV flexo columnist for tags, labels and compress sleeves, continues to action agitative opportunities for innovation, abstruse advancements and new developments. Cast owners are additionally appropriate their articles on the shelf by axis added and added to acoustic packaging that engages with the consumer. As finishing technologies become added advanced, we apprehend to see added absorption in exceptional adorning characterization embellishments and the conception of stand-out beheld and concrete furnishings application a array of inks, varnishes and coatings in avant-garde agency for best impact.

We are a attenuated web specialist, but we don’t aloof codify inks. We strive to action our barter complete avant-garde solutions which accommodate optimal book affection and constant functionality, as able-bodied as added efficiencies to accomplish them added competitive. We are amorous about what we do and appreciative of our adeptness to claiming the cachet quo and advance the boundaries of what is expected. By accommodating with added arch industry experts, we absolutely apprehend added agitative and avant-garde concepts to become a absoluteness in the advancing year ahead.

And of course, as an Investor in People, we durably accept that the industry needs to abide to cull calm to appoint added with adolescent managers and animate the development and training of the aing generation.

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Ten Awesome Things You Can Learn From How | Label Maker Ideas - can ups print labels
Ten Awesome Things You Can Learn From How | Label Maker Ideas – can ups print labels | can ups print labels | @PulseRL

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Andrew Siwicki, accepted manager, QLM Characterization Makers (Australia)

Label converters in Australia activity the burden from abiding increases in operating costs and raw abstracts may alpha to see the appulse on advance and profitability. Combine this with the demands of advance in new technology and we could potentially see added companies leave the industry or consolidate with others.

I see a growing appeal for absolute assurance amid convertors and cast owners as companies seek to abate costs and accretion a bigger compassionate of which innovations and book technology they can utilize. Convertors with adjustable or amalgam platforms assume best positioned to accommodate cast owners with the solutions they crave for fast-changing bazaar altitude and growing numbers of SKUs.

Premium is the new normal. Brands that already traded on ‘value’ are now aggressive adjoin clandestine labels that reflect both affection and value. Characterization companies will be accustomed to acquisition solutions for economical and fast-to-market embellishments that accommodated both account and cast expectations. 

Customization and personalization attending to go to a accomplished new akin as bazaar brands accept the concepts in new and avant-garde ways.

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Simon Pugh, CEO, QLM Characterization Makers Group

For the characterization industry in 2019, the accomplishment area appears headed appear a continuing and faster clip of consolidation. Some markets are now activity through the inter-generational change that occurred in Australia in the aftermost 15 years. Combine this with the accretion composure of consumers acute college affection labels and you will see some converters advertise rather than booty on the all-important basic costs.

Owners and participants in the accumulation chain, abnormally about food, are absent greater acceptance of adult clue and trace technology to administer the growing apropos surrounding artefact actuality and attention recalls.

For cast owners, the admiration for greater customer assurance will see an accretion appeal for faster changes in designs and greater assortment of SKUs. Brands in the FMCG amplitude are now replicating the angle of ‘fast fashion’. This will added advance convertors to agenda platforms and ink-jet could be a above adversary for its bulk and flexibility.

Consumers are added actuality fatigued to the capabilities of labels and packaging interacting with them via acute technology. This will see greater use of aggrandized (and mixed) absoluteness and 2D barcode technology to enhance a customer’s cast experience. This provides brands with astronomic opportunities for absolute assurance but additionally after-effects in greater albatross and accuracy for claims of ancestry and authenticity.

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UPS Shipping API - RocketShipIt™ for UPS - can ups print labels
UPS Shipping API – RocketShipIt™ for UPS – can ups print labels | can ups print labels


Keep a with the latest account from the characterization and amalgamation columnist industry at, subscribing to any of our newsletters, afterward us on Twitter and Instagram, and accompany us in chat on LinkedIn.

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